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Organize and Stage Your Home with Professional Home Stager and Organizer Nina Dorian | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 6 Episode 1

Organize and Stage Your Home with Professional Home Stager and Organizer Nina Dorian | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 6 Episode 1

Today's guest Nina Dorian

Today's guest Nina Dorian

Hey guys, welcome back to season 6 episode 1! I know it’s taken a good minute for the show to come back this season, and I thank you for your patience. So couple updates since our last season. We just launched a brand new website. It is more streamlined and easier to navigate, and we have officially closed our staging operations down. We are in the process of selling everything in the warehouse. If you are in the bay area and would like to buy some furniture and home goods, please let me know.

And as you know, we have our Cash in the Cushions business courses for home stagers. As you may have heard in the intro, we have our level I course, the Launcher, designed for those of you who may be thinking about a new career as a home stager. And we are launching the Level II course, 6-figure floor plan this summer. If you are interested, check out the courses here.

On today’s show, I’m interviewing Nina Dorian, who is a home stager and professional organizer living in Toronto, Canada. She's a professionally trained marketer and spent the majority of her career in the corporate world. 2 years ago, she decided to start her own company as it was her time pour her energy and passion into something that she truly loved. While she soul-searched, it was apparent that she loved all things home, especially decorating and entertaining. She has always been particularly tidy and organized, so iStage & Organize was born and she never looked back. Since then, she had helped numerous families to successfully sell their homes above market expectations and much more quickly than the average industry standard. She has also worked with homeowners to declutter their homes and put together organizational systems to keep them organized.

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Our show is brought to you by our in-house product, EcoJoe, the eco-friendly St Joseph statue home selling kit. In real estate, there’s a tradition to bury St Joseph statues for good luck. But because the existing products on the market were made with plastic, we made an eco-friendly named EcoJoe. He’s all natural, won’t harm the earth. We are currently having a 50% off sale. For more information, visit

This podcast is also brought to you by our Cash in the Cushions business courses for home stagers. If you are thinking about getting into the home staging business and not sure where to start, our Launcher program is designed for those who are thinking about venturing into the home staging industry. This 90-page workbook clarifies frequently asked questions about starting a home staging business, helps you navigate the waters of the marketplace so you can avoid the common slip-ups.

No one should start a home staging business without knowing certain basics. (Unfortunately, many do.)

This summer, we will also launch our level II course, the 6-figure floor plan, a complete course to build a profitable home staging business. I developed this course because I was tired of seeing new home stagers left high and dry by other courses. Time and again, they asked me the same basic questions that should've been covered by the expensive courses. In this jam-packed online course, we'll go over systems, contracts, pricing, proposals, inventory, marketing, technology and everything you'll need to start getting clients. I’ll show you the behind the scenes of how I had built my home staging business from the ground up, including worksheets, systems, scripts and workflow that I’ve developed to build a booked solid home staging business.

We are launching this course mid-July this year, you can find out more information by going to our website

On today’s show, we discussed:

  • How Nina got into real estate, staging, and professional organizing
  • The first step in prepping homes for sale
  • Real estate market in Toronto, Canada
  • 2016 real estate market
  • Vancouver real estate market
  • Detached home and new development markets in Canada
  • How foreign investors impact the real estate market
  • What Nina does to help sellers to navigate the home preparation process
  • How Nina approaches staging
  • The importance of clearing and organizing your home before you go on the market
  • The very first thing sellers should do when they start the home preparation process
  • Key things to do for sellers when it comes to organizing and preparing their homes for sale
  • What buyers always look for
  • North American lifestyles
  • Nina’s process for decluttering and organization
  • Remaining objective during the home selling process
  • How to deal with overwhelm and panic when it comes to preparing your home for sale
  • What you should do as soon as you decide to put your home on the market
  • How clutter impacts how your home is photographed
  • What is decluttering?
  • Some of the trickiest areas when it comes to organizing and preparing the home for sale
  • How Nina works with homeowners who are living in the homes while they are selling
  • Nina’s 7-day rule
  • Capsule wardrobe
  • How to focus yourself and combat overwhelm when you’re preparing your home for sale
  • Remove at least ___% when you’re preparing your home for sale
  • The key thing to do when you are living in a staged home while you’re selling
  • What a show-ready home should look like
  • Common mistakes homeowners make when they stage their own homes for sale
  • What misconception home sellers have when they sell their homes
  • Tools and strategies Nina uses to stage homes for sale
  • Key areas to focus on if the homeowners are short on time to prepare the homes for sale
  • Prime areas for buyers
  • Nina’s advice on selling your home with pets and kids
  • The benefit of a project manager
  • How to hire contractors 
  • Questions Nina asks when she hires contractors
  • Current trends in homes
  • The danger of trends when you pick finishes for the home
  • What homeowners can do if they are thinking about selling their home
  • Nina’s one tip for homeowners to organize their homes for sale

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