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As a Staged4more ambassador, you will earn 20-40% commission on every sale that you refer to our courses and products.

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What does it mean to be a Staged4more Ambassador?

Staged4more, we want to help everyone create a financially viable home staging business.

If you love our courses, you can help other home stagers earn a better living while making some extra income for yourself!

As a Staged4more Ambassador, you can introduce our courses and products to your fellow home stagers while earning 20-40% commissions for courses or product sold through your unique referral links.

This is also commonly known as an affiliate program.

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01. Sign Up

Click here to apply for our affiliate program.

02. Share

Once approved, get your unique affiliate link from your Dashboard to share with your audience.

Your commission will be paid out 30 days after the sale. Enjoy the extra income just for sharing!

03. Earn

You’ll earn a 20-40% commission every time someone purchases using your unique affiliate link.

04. Get Paid

How much can you earn?

Below is a table that shows an example of how much you can earn in commission for recommending our courses and products.*

What you'll get 



Level 1 Home Staging Professional Career Certificate 



5-Figure Floor Plan Staging Business Foundation Course 



Live Workshop



Exposure to Profits Interior Photography Course for Home Stagers



Pricing Guide for Home Stagers



Home Staging Checklist Bundle



Book of Scripts for Home Stagers



On-demand short courses



*The commissions listed here reflect course/product purchases at full price.

What is a referral commission?

The commission is a “thank you” from us to you for your referral, at no additional cost to your friend who purchases the course based on your referral.

If someone purchases a course from us through your recommendation, we’ll send you some cash as a show of our gratitude and appreciation.

Here’s an example for a $100 course with 40% commission: your friend will pay $100, we will receive $60 and you will receive $40.

If the course is on sale, then you will receive your commission based on the sale price.

For example, if the $100 course is now on sale for $80, then you will receive $80 x 40% = $32

For a list of products and courses available for commissions and their payouts, please see the table above.

How much commission will I receive per sale?

Our commission for most courses is 40%. For on-demand short courses and smaller products, they are at 20%.

Please note that the commission is calculated based on the purchase price.

Say your friend purchased a course that is $100. She used a coupon and got $10 off. This means her purchase price was $90. Your commission would be $90 x 40%.

You can keep track of all your referrals in your Dashboard provided by Thrivecart, the program we use to track affiliate payouts.

Does the commission cost anything extra for my friend?


Referral commissions are at NO extra cost to you or your friend. They come out of the sale cost.

Here’s an example for a $100 course with 40% commission: your friend will pay $100, we will receive $60 and you will receive $40.

What are affiliate links and how can I find them?

Your affiliate links are unique, trackable links that help us identify if a sale came from your recommendation or someone else’s.

Without your affiliate link, we won’t be able to track sales back to you!

In order to get your commission, your friend must purchase the course/product using your unique affiliate links.

You can find your affiliate links in your Dashboard, provided by Thrivecart, the software we use to track your referrals.

Once log in,

  • Click “Products,” the second tab at the top.
  • If Staged4more is the only affiliate program you are signed up for, ThriveCart will take you straight there.
  • Otherwise, you will need to select Staged4more from the list of available products on this page.

Find the product you want to promote and click “View.”

On this page, you’ll find the link you need to share with your friends to make sure you get your commission when they purchase.

Is this some kind of MLM?

Not at all!

We are not requiring any fees or investment from you to join our program – and we certainly aren’t asking you to be salesy or pushy to anyone.

This is also not open to public, only to current students and people we know and trust.

If you love what we do, share your affiliate links with your stager friends who will be benefited from our courses and products. You will get a referral commission based on your referral. We get new students who will build better staging businesses. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

If I share my affiliate link to one product, but my friend purchases another, do I still get commission?


As long as your link was the latest affiliate link your friend clicked, you will receive commissions on any purchase they make through the Staged4more website.

By clicking on your affiliate link, a cookie is dropped onto their browser, tracking your referral until they cleared cookies from their browsers.

When do I get paid?

The payment will be processed 30 days after the sale.

It is automatically processed by our system. This is why it’s important to use your affiliate link, instead of just sending them to our website. We need your affiliate links to track your referrals.

Please make sure you had entered your Paypal information in Thrivecart to get paid on time.

My links don’t see to work?

The most common reason for you not getting credit for sales is when you share the wrong URL.

Instead of using the URL provided in your dashboard, you may be sharing the URL that your affiliate redirected to.

Keep in mind that the target URL that has “?affiliate=xxx” added to the end is not an affiliate link and is not provided to you in your dashboard. This will not track sales, and we pass the referring affiliate ID to your target URL for your use, such as in tracking scripts, opt-in forms, etc.

Other reasons for you not getting tracked for sales include not being approved to earn commissions for the specific product your friend buys, or your friend clearing cookies/cache or changing devices between visiting an affiliate link and completing their order (so no tracking information is available to be referenced).

I have more questions

Great! Please contact us here and we will get in touch within 2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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