As the founder of Staged4more, building this international home staging school has been a personal and challenging journey, especially since I was in graduate school a good chunk of it. With a small but mighty team, we've grown the school alongside our students.

I am immensely grateful to those who have joined and trusted us, offering compassion, grace and understanding as we navigate challenges and learn from our own mistakes.

Thank you for this kind nomination! Looking ahead, we are looking forward to serving you better, fostering and nurturing a vibrant learning community for home stagers worldwide.

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Hey there! My name is Cindy Lin, and I am the founder of Staged4more School of Home Staging.

I was a working stager in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2006 - 2017. I got started in my parents’ garage and over the years, I grew Staged4more to a 6-figure, award-winning home staging business operating out of a 5,800 square feet warehouse in South San Francisco.

In 2017, I relaunched Staged4more as an international school of home staging. I felt that there were quite a few things missing within the education space for home stagers, and I was getting increasingly frustrated by what was happening. So I decided to go into teaching full time and build the home staging school I wish existed when I was a new home stager.

Our goal is to provide modern, quality and practical home staging education to home stagers who want to build vibrant and thriving home staging businesses. 

Everything we do is about elevating our home staging community and celebrating the transformational power of home staging.

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What our students are saying...

"Staged4more's coursework is current and leading-edge, which is crucial given how quickly the industry is evolving.  

It is Cindy's experience as stager, artist, and company founder coupled with her ability to ensemble the best professionals in the industry for workshops and talks that I have benefited from the most."

- Jess Harrington, JessFinessed

In 2023, Jess was named one of the Best Home Staging Companies in the U.S. by Apartment Therapy.

"The 6-Figure Floor Plan course was an amazing opportunity to dive in to the business of home staging. 

The videos and instructions were very clear, informative, on point and very interesting. Cindy did an amazing and thorough job!!! Love this program!"

- Elena G., The Staging Expert.

"Thanks Cindy! Your podcast and your classes have taught me so much and I would not be the stager and designer I am today without you. I am forever grateful. :-)"

- Ashley Tapley

In 2023, Ashley was named one of the Best Home Staging Companies in the U.S.
by Apartment Therapy.

Ashley has taken our Cash in the Cushions Interior Styling Course and has written a blog post about her experience.
You can read it here.


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