We believe in a different kind of staging education.

One that is diverse, inclusive, modern and no-fluff.

Together, we can change the staging industry through education.

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At Staged4more, we are working towards building an extensive range of courses to help home stagers build thriving and vibrant home staging businesses. 

There is no cookie-cutter teaching here. We want to elevate talented stagers, support and help them in sharing their expertise through education.

Teaching on Staged4more

Do you have expertise you want to share through a course or a paid workshop?

Why not sell your course on Staged4more or teach?

A few ways to teach (and get paid!) on Staged4more

Live Workshops

This is a great way to get live feedback and engage with your students. 

If the content is a great fit for the school, we can turn it into an on-demand short course, where you will get a % for every copy sold.

You can see our current short courses offering here.

On-Demand Course

If you have your own course, you can sell it on our platform and on your own. You will retain your copyright of course.

This would need to be a finished course if you would like to do this option.

You can also teach the course live if you would like.

On a Retreat!

That's right, we can travel and learn at the same time! 

If you can teach your course within a week's time frame, we can chat about the possibilities of teaching it live in a retreat format.

You can see our current retreat offerings here.

Got more ideas?

We are open to discuss! Just fill out the interest form and we can chat about your ideas further!

So many great reasons to teach on our platform

Be part of something different

We don’t believe the traditional home staging education model where you have to be a certain type of stager.

Teach it your way

On our platform, we want you to teach your way of doing business! Your real-world experiences and skills can help other stagers thrive. You will still keep your content and copyright of your courses.

Show others the possibilities

In today’s business landscape, there are so many ways to run your staging business. We want to show a diverse range of POVs and different ways of running home staging businesses.

Be rewarded for your brilliance

By sharing your expertise, you can help to inspire other stagers, help them build better staging businesses, build passive income for yourself, expand your network.

All this and none of the hassle!

Feeling overwhelmed by the burden of dealing with tech, marketing your courses, learning how to launch, grow your own email list, picking the right platform to deliver the courses, customer service, etc.? We got you!

We’ve been building courses and a platform in the last few years and have learned a trick or two that we can help you market, host and sell your course without you lifting any fingers.

All you need to do is show up and teach, and we will do the rest for you.

Sound good? Let’s chat about working together.

Please take a moment and fill out our interest form below to tell us about you and your course idea. We will get in touch if it’s a fit for the school!

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ps. If you have a course idea but not sure how to pull that together, we can help you build your own course.

I would like to teach XYZ subject, but you already offer a course on that.

That’s totally fine!

Everyone has a different spin and way to run his/her staging business.

Our goal at the school is to open stagers to different ways of doing business (as long as it’s done ethically!).

It is completely fine if you are applying with a course topic we already cover. We are looking at content, ways of teaching, something that’s not cookie-cutter, not fluff, nor regurgitation from what stagers can already Google online.

What are you looking for in a teacher or a course?

We are looking for a course that is different than what’s already in the marketplace. It’s fine if you are teaching a subject that’s popular, for example, short term rentals.

What we are looking for:

  • What makes your course unique
  • What makes you qualify to teach this subject
  • Do your ideas of education align with our vision at Staged4more
  • What impact can a stager achieve in his/hers staging business after taking your course
What would not be a good fit with your school?

Great question!

  • We are looking for teachers who are qualified. For example, if you specialized in vacant staging, but you want to teach a class on occupied staging, then that’s not a good fit for us.
  • Ethical way of doing business is very important for us. If you teach unethical practice, for example, purposely under-charge and undercut other stagers to win staging projects, that’s a definitely not a good fit for us.
  • We are not into teachers who are egocentric. There are other staging training schools who would be fine with it, but not us. When it comes to teaching, it’s about the impact and value stagers will get from your courses. We are looking for teachers who can do that through their courses.
I am not super tech savvy for online teaching…

That’s fine! We are here to support you.

If you are doing an on-demand course, we have a training program for you that walks you through how to put your home staging course together at a steep discount if you choose to sell your course through us. (And yes, you can sell it on your site too!)

If you are teaching live workshop(s), one of our team members will be on the Zoom call with you to deal with admin questions, tech support, etc. So all you need to do is focus on teaching!

I would like to teach in person

We are open to any ideas and possibilities. Just let us know what you are thinking in your interest form and we can discuss further.

One of your teachers plagiarized my course

We take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

One of our key milestones is ethical business practice, and this applies to the teachers we invite to teach at our school.

When a teacher submits his/her course or a workshop outline to Staged4more, we ask teachers to make sure they credit original author if they are referencing someone else’s work. Same with photos or videos. They must reference the original creators.

Plagiarism by definition is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. All published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form, is covered under this definition. (Source: University of Oxford)

In situations where it is a general concept, for example, “photography is important in showcasing staging.” That is not considered plagiarism.

Because it’s a general concept, no one can have a monopoly in the general concept.

However, if you have an unique method to photograph homes that is patented, then it is considered plagiarism. The reason for that is because this is your unique intellectual property. But just because you teach the concept of having great photographs is important to market your staged listings does not mean all the other teachers who also teach that have plagiarized you.

When it comes to plagiarism with courses, we will look at the similarities between the two courses (slides, specific content covered in the course, etc.).

If you feel that this has happened with your course or workshop, please contact us immediately.

I still have Qs

Great! We’ve got answers. Simply get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions