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Travel with Staged4more and take your home staging business to the next level

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An immersive learning travel experience

Our Stagers’ Retreat is an immersive learning travel experience.

It is a great way to immerse yourself to refine and build your home staging business for longevity through intentional and strategic planning, mastermind and coaching.

You will be with like-minded stagers and experienced home staging business coach(es) to learn from each other and get immediate feedback on your business strategies.

During the retreat, you are away from the noise, distraction and pressure of the day-to-day grind. While we will be working hard on strategizing your home staging business for growth, our retreats are designed for you to relax, unwind, get re-inspired and connect with local cultures.

Who is the retreat for?

Our Home Staging Business Mastery Retreat is designed for home staging business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level, especially if you have been experiencing a plateau in your staging business.

This retreat is perfect for you if:

  • You are committed to building a successful home staging business

  • You are ready to take action and implement proven strategies to achieve your goals

  • You are looking for support and guidance from experienced staging business coaches and other successful staging business owners

  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your business to achieve long-term success

While this retreat is open to all home staging business owners, please note that the content and activities are geared towards those who have already achieved some level of success in their business.

If you just started your staging business and have not yet done any paid staging projects yet, and looking to build a strong foundation for your staging business, we recommend that you consider our 5-Figure Floor Plan course or our Level 1 Certification Program, designed specifically for beginner stages.

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Design a smart home staging business with intentional strategies

We tailor our masterclasses and workshops based on your challenges and needs. Here are some of the topics we covered in the previous retreat.

Staging Business by Design

What is the dream home staging business you want? We did a bit of vision work to help participants work out what they want to achieve in the next 12 months and in the long run.

Systems & Process

Creating a smooth operation and streamlined workflow to build consistency in our staging work. This includes having documentation to onboard clients and team members, tracking key KPIs and metrics in the staging business to ensure profitability and efficiency.

Stability & Profitability

We cannot grow our staging businesses without a sound finance. During the retreat, we discussed at length the importance of understanding one’s financial health and how money works in and out of our home staging businesses.

Team Building for the Win

Staging is a service-based business, so it’s a team sport. We can’t lift sofas on our own and even Wonder Woman needs the Justice League. You have found your team members, but are you nurturing and training them to have longevity in your staging business? How do you measure performance?

Work like a CEO of your staging business

Take strategic actions for the home staging business you envision.

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Our retreat masterclasses will be based on the needs of your home staging business. We are help you to breakthrough those growth barriers you’ve been struggling with to get over.

Want to grow your home staging business but feeling stuck?

Our business retreats are designed to get you out of the day-to-day grind so that you can get clear-headed and block out the time to focus on creating the staging business you want. Without all the noise and distractions that comes with the daily grind!

During this dedicated time, you will focus on the vision and strategy work to take your home staging business to the next level with coaching and immediate feedback from an experienced staging business coach, masterminding and connecting with like-minded home stagers from around the world.

Of course, there will be so down time too for you to recharge and get inspired!

Each of our retreats has a specific theme that focuses on a certain area of your home staging business for us to deep dive into. 

Our work at Staged4more has always been about creating no-fluff, practical, modern and hands-on education that creates impact. Our retreats are no exception!

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