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HGTV Host Lisa Colalillo & Realtor on Buyers, Critical Listings & Marketing to the Right Buyers

HGTV Host Lisa Colalillo & Realtor on Buyers, Critical Listings & Marketing to the Right Buyers

Hey guys, welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic holiday and a fabulous new year! I did a bunch of work while binge watching Netflix over the holidays, and it’s actually quite nice with very little emails and phone calls. I actually wish it lasts just a little bit longer.

If you come on the website today for the show notes, you may also notice that the website looks a bit different. I took some time over the break and redid our entire website. As you know, we are going virtual this year for our staging company, so I really want the website to be more blog and podcast focused. I hope you like the new layout. I definitely think it’s much easier to read and the archive looks so much nicer. So if you want to access the show notes from now on, click on “Episodes” on the main menu bar, you will see our episode archive. Super easy!

If this is your first time listening to the show, I am Cindy Lin, I am the founder and owner and chief of everything officer at Staged4more home staging. I have been a home stager for about 10 years in San Francisco bay area. And you are listening to the Home Staging Show, where we talk about all things real estate, home staging and styling your home.

On today’s show I’m interviewing Lisa, host of The HGTV Show: Critical Listing in Canada. She’s one amazing lady. I just LOVE her energy. She is personable, energetic and incredibly knowledgeable about real estate and selling houses. If you guys haven’t seen her Youtube channel yet, definitely check it out. I loved the episode where she practices Chinese in the car with her husband. It’s adorable. She has some really fantastic things to say about her time on the show, how to target buyers and how to avoid common real estate sales mistakes. We also talked about renovations for selling, she had a great tip on working with contractors that’s very applicable even if you are not selling your home. She shared her biggest lesson about selling real estate from doing the HGTV Show: Critical Listing. She also shared 4 questions to ask to figure out your buyer’s lifestyle, and a real life scenario on how those 4 questions work. Which was totally mind-blowing and amazing.

I just love that she gave very practical tips on how to target your buyers and figure out their lifestyle for staging. I’m actually going to write a blog post about that and post it on the blog tomorrow, and link it in the show notes as well after the blog post is published. So check back the blog on Thursday for the free download of the 4-question worksheet and my take on it.

I also want to apologize in advanced. When we were recording this episode, I had a cold. So I was more incoherent than normal. And as usual, if you enjoy the show, please take a moment to rate and write us a review on iTunes. It helps others to find this show and we can book more amazing guests like Lisa.

Lastly, one of the things I’m trying this year is to ask you guys if you have any questions that you would like me to ask on the show. If you do, get in our Facebook group! Because I’ll be posting in there to ask for questions. I am also currently looking for more guests to be on the show for Season three, if you know anyone or wants to suggest someone, please let me know! If you enjoy today’s episode, please leave us a review and a rating on iTunesSoundcloud, or Stitcher. It will only take you 31 seconds to do so, but this will help us keep the show going. As usual, feel free to ask any questions on the show notes or in our private Facebook group. Have a fantastic week and happy staging!


  • HGTV Show: Critical Listing (here is Lisa’s bio on HGTV)
  • How to plan out the timing for selling & buying
  • The best way to reduce stress and minimize the risks during the sale
  • When you are leaving money on the table and how to avoid it
  • Lisa’s best tip for renovation that works for selling or living in your home
  • Material selections for renovations for sale
  • Current color trends
  • Biggest lesson Lisa learned from doing this HGTV show
  • How to attract the most amount of people, create urgencies for buyers to submit offers
  • The importance about appealing to buyers’ lifestyles
  • 4 questions to ask to figure out buyer’s lifestyle
  • Turnkey homes v. fixer uppers
  • How to really sell that lifestyle to your buyers
  • Benefits v. Features
  • Storytelling method of marketing
  • Social media marketing in real estate
  • Lifestyle marketing
  • How pictures & videos can help you sell and connect you to the buyers
  • Current real estate trends
  • Generational selling
  • Real life case study using the 4 questions
  • Some behind the scene of the HGTV show Critical Listing
  • #1 cause of a home doesn’t sell and how to change it

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4 Critical Questions to Ask to Successfully Stage Your House for the Right Buyers + a Free Cheatsheet

4 Critical Questions to Ask to Successfully Stage Your House for the Right Buyers + a Free Cheatsheet

Home Staging Q & A and BIG Announcement!

Home Staging Q & A and BIG Announcement!