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StagerCon is a virtual conference for home stagers who want to stay ahead of the curve and grow their home staging businesses.

One of our core values is
continuous improvement through experimentation.
This year, we're taking a break to refine our conference format. 

See you next year! 👋🏼

We will be back in 2025!

It’s so insightful and home stagers will learn so much from other people’s insider experience.

- Caren

Attendance should be mandatory!

“ You get insightful nuggets from veterans of the Home staging Industry and you get to hear different perspectives of the business.”

— Leanne Gibbs

"Very informative."

“Anytime you can learn from others in the industry no matter how long you have been in the business, one should always take advantage. This is what keeps you on top of your game.”

— Sandra Holmes

"Keeps you on top of your game"

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