About Your Submission

 Photo by  Avery Klein .

Photo by Avery Klein.

Why is My Submission Rejected?

While we would love to feature every submission, it is our responsibilities to our readers to make sure we publish the best projects possible. There are often the reasons why submissions are rejected:

  • You didn’t follow our submission guidelines.

  • The photos are not shot by a professional. The photos are often too dark, too over-exposed, not properly composed, not presenting the home in the best light possible.

  • The results are not very obvious.

Hi there, thank you so much for applying! Our goal with this home tour series is to educate consumers and realtors, showcase the power of home staging and feature some awesome stagers in our industry.

Submitting Your Staged Home for the Feature

Step 1. Fill out a questionnaire about the home and your business below

The more details about the home you give, the more fun it is for people to "tour" the home!


Step 2. Submit your photos

  • To give the readers a full idea of what the home is like, we ask a minimum submission of TEN photos, with a maximum of 30 photos.

  • Types of photos to submit:

    • Before and after: these are fabulous and will give readers a clear idea of how transformative home staging is. Please make sure they are shot in the same angle or as close as possible and label your photos.

    • After photos: overall room shots, vignettes, table top, etc.

    • Don’t forget exterior photos! It would especially nice to be able to see the exterior of the home.

    • Please send us at least one after photo per room. We need to be able to tell the story of the home. Just having photos of one room or two will not make a home tour.

    • The photos should be clearly labeled: property name and what room is it. For example: Farmhouse Living Room Before.

    • The photos you are submitting must be shot by a professional photographer and you have their permissions to submit their photos for the feature.

    • We do not accept photos that have watermarks.

We require the photos to be at least 1500px wide for the website. Please email us your photos at contribute (at) staged4more (dot) com via email or a program like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

If you are submitting multiple properties, please fill out one questionnaire per property and send all the photos at once in one email. (It’s very difficult for us to sort through photos if you are sending the photos in multiple emails, especially we are not as familiar with the property as you are.)

  • We recommend putting all of the photos you want to submit for one property into a folder, zip it, and email it to us or upload that to a service like WeTransfer or Dropbox to email to us.