Amy Nelson


Prior to starting her staging business, Amy had been a creative elementary school teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Reading Coach for 30 years. She grew up in small town PA, and has had numerous life experiences while working and travelling all over. When young, she would spend hours and hours building and decorating cardboard Barbie houses and drawing floor plans. She has loved living in various types of houses, including three log cabins, including one in the Alaskan bush, a south Texas ranch house, suburbia life, and new construction. In March 2020, Amy completed her Home Staging and Redesign certification through the intensive and accredited Home Staging Resource program, founded by Audra Slinkey, as well as being a certified “Color Strategist” through the scientifically-based Camp Chroma training program with Lori Sawaya. She still enjoys her work as a Reading Coach, and loves getting to know Realtors and homeowners while staging to sell or redesigning to dwell. She has two sons in college, a boyfriend who loves tools so stages with her, and a cute but crazy dog.