Our Cash in the Cushions business courses combine best practices in the home staging industry and tried and true business practices of a six-figure home staging business to elevate your business to the next level.

These courses with practical information and industry experiences to keep you from making costly, profit-killing mistakes.




Designed for those who are thinking about venturing into the home staging industry, this 90-page workbook clarifies frequently asked questions about starting a home staging business and helps you navigate the waters of the marketplace.

The program also comes with audio files for you to listen to on-the-go, as well as video lessons that show you how Cindy approaches vacant and occupied home staging projects.

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Have you just started your home staging business and you're not sure how to go out and get clients? Or you don't know what to do after you've booked your first job? In this jam-packed online course, Cindy will show you how to build a strong foundation for your business and avoid all the potential traps that can slow down your growth significantly.

We'll go over systems, contracts, pricing, proposals, inventory, marketing, technology and everything you'll need to start getting clients. I'll show you all the tips and tricks I've learned over 11 years. You'll be on your way to a firm foundation for a sustainable, profitable and thriving home staging business.

We will launch this course mid-July this year, so click on the button below now to get on the Early Bird notification list for special pre-launch pricing!

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This is a live six-week online group coaching program where you will have the opportunity to work with Cindy one-on-one, as well as having group training sessions with your peers.

During the program, we will also have guest experts that will help you diagnose and delve deeply into your business to find out what is keeping your business from reaching its full potential.

We will most likely launch this program in the winter. Click on the button below now to get on the Early Bird notification list for special pre-launch pricing!


Are you starting a new home staging business? Or feeling stuck in your current business? Cindy can help you bring the CHA-CHING and AH-HA! back into your business.

Through her 12+ years in the real estate and design industry, Cindy has learned many tough (and sometimes expensive) business lessons that can make you cringe and cry. BUT, Cindy's here to help you not to do that. She had learned to develop processes, systems and techniques that grew her business even during a recession to a 6-figure home staging business. 

The session is conducted over Skype. During your session, Cindy will answer any questions you have. Your session will also be recorded and you will receive the mp3 file for your future reference.

What Past Students Said

Pure Excitement

Before reading this ebook I had so many questions and concerns about starting a home staging business, like where do I begin? What will I charge? How do I get my foot in the door? I had many ideas but no idea of how to structure them into a business plan, much less a business plan that will make money. But Cindy from Staged4More was able to answer these questions in the most clear and precise ways, sharing her own experiences, preferences, advice and knowledge on home staging. Fear of launching my first business has been replaced with pure excitement thanks to the encouragement Staged4More has provided.

-- Maria-Elena N., Home Stager

Incredibly informative

I've gone through your e-book and I must say it's really great! I think it could apply to a lot of entrepreneurs, even outside the home staging business. So glad I could read it! I could also see the whole e-book directed towards general start-ups or solopreneurs. It's really that informative.

-- Katta G., Artist

Really helpful and eye-opening

I really appreciate how honest and direct Cindy was during the session, I think that's so refreshing. I had a lot of questions about starting my own home staging business and Cindy suggested to send her a list of questions first. She actually answered quite a few over the emails before our session. Then she picked the ones that she thought was the most important and that we can use our time best on. That was so nice and unexpected. I really appreciated it. Thanks again Cindy!

-- Bettina W., Home Stager