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The Home Staging Show is the longest-running podcast dedicated to all things home staging and real estate. 

Listed as the 2023’s #1 Best Home Staging Podcast by Feedspot.

THSS is a Top 200 Apple Podcast in the Careers Category in many countries. It is also ranked globally in the top 1.5%.

In 2022, THSS was in the top 20% of most shared GLOBALLY and the top 15% of most followed podcasts on Spotify.

The podcast has been downloaded 309+k so far.

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About the show

Welcome to The Home Staging Show, the podcast that brings you the latest insights and strategies on all things home staging and building a successful business. 
In each episode, your host Cindy Lin sits down with expert guests to explore the art of staging homes to sell, while also sharing tips on how to run a thriving home staging business.

Whether you're a seasoned home staging pro or just starting, this globally ranked podcast offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you stay ahead of the competition. From the latest trends in staging to the most effective marketing and sales strategies, The Home Staging Show covers everything you need to know to build a vibrant and successful home staging business.

Tune in to The Home Staging Show and join Cindy Lin and her guests as they share their expertise, their stories, and their secrets to success in the world of home staging. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review on your favorite platform. Thanks for listening!

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What People Are Saying
About The Home Staging Show

“Cindy makes sure she gets you information that can help.”

- Eliza

“More Informative than any other resource I have found!”

— TsitserBrickman

   “Better than Staging Certificate Courses.”

— Joycelet14

“This lady's show is making me $$$!! 
I seriously enjoyed this show and learned TONS! Highly recommended!!! 
Lord, I love the Internet :)”

- Eliza

“Cindy’s podcast is amazing. I enjoy listening to it and learning valuable home staging tips through her years of experience."

— Keonalee

“Cindy doesn’t hold back on anything. You want to know more about home staging, pricing, growing pains, working with agents? Then you’ve come to the right place."

— AccessoryChick

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