Staged4more is an international school of home staging that is impact-driven and community-focused.

We are here to build a diverse and inclusive international home staging community that celebrates and promotes the transformational power of home staging.

How we do this:


We’ve done many things that no one else in the industry has done! For example:

  • The Home Staging Show podcast is the longest running podcast dedicated to all things home staging. It is now an Apple Top 200 Podcast in Careers category in many countries.

  • We created StagerCon, a completely virtual and almost free home staging conference for home stagers from around the world.

  • We created and host an annual International Home Staging Awards with winners and finalists from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Poland. It is truly an international celebration of the transformational power of home staging.

  • We created a Home Staging Professional Career Certificate, that is a unique home staging training program that combines courses, coaching, mentorship, mastermind, accountability and support. There is nothing like it on the market currently. The Career Certificate is not only a step-by-step program that can take you from $0 to working, it is also a coaching and mastermind program that will consistently motivate and nudge dedicated stagers towards their goals.

All to celebrate and uplift the home staging industry.


Quality, modern and no-fluff home staging education

You will never find any fluff 🪽 with the content we provide, even the free stuff, like our podcast and our blog, that are jam-packed with practical strategies that you can apply immediately into your home staging business.

Unlike the traditional, cookie-cutter home staging education, that only have one or two courses available, our diverse range of home staging courses range from training for complete beginners to seasoned home stagers who want continue education and workshops to hone their skills.


Transparent and direct APPROACH

We are 100% transparent with our business practice, where our Founder, Cindy, often refers to and shares the behind-the-scenes on our social media, podcast and blog.


Community driven: inclusive and diverse

We are dedicated to provide a diverse and inclusive community for all home stagers.

This is something our Founder, Cindy, feels very passionate about, as she is the only BIPOC home staging school owner in North America.

In her personal work as a photographer, Cindy creates research-based projects deal with social issues on race, immigration, women’s issues and colonization. 


Cindy Lin

Founder + Lead Instructor

A third-generation small business owner, Cindy has been working since she got baby teeth. She started Staged4more in her parents’ garage when she was 25 and grew it to an award-winning home staging company operating out of a 5,800 square feet warehouse.

In 2017, Cindy transitioned Staged4more completely to become an international school for home stagers, teaching online courses since 2016. 

She also created and piloted the in-person home staging short course for the University of the Arts London (UAL), which is ranked 2nd in the world for Art and Design and Europe's largest specialist art and design university, with over 19,000 students from more than 130 countries.

Throughout her career, Cindy has cultivated a diverse range of creative backgrounds, including building sets and windows for companies like Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, and Saks Fifth Avenue. She has designed and installed decor for commercial and private events and worked on photo shoots as a prop and wardrobe assistant for companies like O Magazine, Target, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Gap, Google, and Apple.

Cindy's extensive experience and expertise in styling, visual design, composition, photography, and business models in creative industries have helped to enrich her teaching, making her a unique and highly sought-after home staging educator internationally. 

She earned two Master's degrees while building Staged4more as an international school of home staging. Additionally, Cindy works internationally as an artist with a lens-based practice and has been published and exhibited internationally.

Cindy Lin and her work have been nominated numerous times by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). In the past few years, she has been voted as one of the Top Most Influential People in the Staging Industry. For 2023, her podcast The Home Staging Show is nominated as Most Innovative Product of the Year. Cindy Lin is nominated for the Kathy Nielsen Spirit Award, which recognizes candidates who exemplify leadership, mentorship, and innovation in the home staging industry.

Recognized by Leaders in the Industry

We have been accredited by Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) as an accredited staging education provider.




Finalist, Product of the Year by Real Estate Staging Association

Finalist, Innovator of the Year by Real Estate Staging Association


Winner, Green Business of the Year, Certified Staging Professionals


Winner, Make Mine A Million business competition in Micro Category by Count Me In

Winner, Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur Award, Sam Walton Foundation

Finalist, Innovating Stager of the Year, Real Estate Staging Association

Finalist, Professional Stager of the Year, Real Estate Staging Association


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The Real Journey Podcast

Foxy Property Chat

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Cindy is available for interviews on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to mindset, small business ownership, entrepreneurship, real estate, home staging, online marketing and working as a creative professional.

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