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Do you feel that there are certain aspects of your business that can use a bit of work? Are you looking to uplevel in your business? Do you feel that you work super hard but still don't feel like it's enough to grow and take the business to the next level? 

I feel the same way about my business. I've always wanted a more advanced education that is for stagers like me who have been in business for awhile and want to keep growing the business in a smart and profitable way. That is why I created this retreat. Join us for this year's Advanced Stagers' Retreat!

The retreat is half mastermind and half boot camp, where 16 home stagers from around the country get together and help each other grow. 

Head over here to check out the event! The Early Bird Registration will end on 8/15. VIP Registration is already sold out!

Defining Your Personal Style (Part III)

There are many ways to define your personal style. Since I'm a visual learner, I prefer visual tools. Mood board is a great tool to help you gain clarity about your vision and your directions. There are infinite ways to use a mood board! I use mood boards as a vision board, as a communication tool with clients, and as a brainstorming tool when I'm working on a styling project. You can pull mood boards for everything, planning a party, redoing a room, design a website, putting makeup on, dressing for a special occasion. The possibilities are endless!

Here are my top 3 tips on pulling a mood board together.

Creating Organization & Systems for Your Sale (30DHSC13)


The process of selling a home can be overwhelming and daunting. On today's show, I interview Virginia Maddan, who is an expert on organizing homes and offices that save her clients hundred and thousands of dollars and hours. On the show, we talk about preparing your home for sale, breaking down projects, common time management mistakes and tips on organizing.

If you have any suggestions for the future guest for the show, please leave a comment here. I'd love to hear from you! If you like the show, please leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. This will help me improve, help others find the show and help me bring on more amazing guests.

Creating Organization & Systems for Your Home Sale with Virginia Maddan | 30-Day Home Staging Challenge Podcast



A little bit about Virginia

Virginia Maddan is an efficiency expert helping entrepreneurs and small business owners put thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours back into their schedules every year.

She’s able to see the places in your business where you’re literally leaking time, energy, and money and quickly and efficiently solve those problems. She’s supported executives at some of the top technology firms in the Bay Area.

Preparing Your Home to Sell

  • Create a bird’s eye view to start
  • Move on big projects first
  • Use a management system you would use naturally – paper & pen, sticky notes, Asana, Evernote

Common Time Management Mistakes

  • Failure to build in buffer time
  • Expecting the best case scenario
  • Failure to be happy with progress v. perfection

Tips for Organizing Clutter

  • Start the organizing project before you buy the tools
  • Use blue painter’s tape to mark off spaces
  • Reduce additional steps by using open baskets and bins
  • Choose organizing products that are easy to use

Process to Project Management

  • Define the project and get to the root of the problem
  • Address the actual cause of the problem
  • Create a solution based on your habits
  • Make your organization system fit you

Connect with Virginia





My Top 5 Go-To Home Styling Props (Plus A Free Download)

One of our #30DayHomeStaging Challenge challengers, Michelle, asked:

"What are the "go-to" home decor accessories home stagers use, i.e. greenery, floral, faux fruit?"

This is a great question, and I have a few that I use all the time. Here are my top 5 styling props that I use all the time.

My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

1. Orchids & High Quality Florals

My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

In an ideal world, I would love to use real orchids all the time, and I have for my high-end projects. However, with the bulk of our work, it is difficult for clients to take care of them as we would. Also with the budget restraints (live plants require maintenance, which may be outside of client's budget), we use high-quality faux florals and greeneries instead. 

Orchids is a very versatile prop. It is elegant, beautiful and can go into pretty much any interiors, regardless the style of the home. They are also suitable for any rooms. You can place a large grouping in containers for a centerpiece in a grand entryway, or set the scene as a centerpiece in the dining room. Or use it in the bathroom to create a spa-like feel. 

2. Books

My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

I love using books as decorative objects. On any projects, I have at least one book bins filled with hardcover books. They are great as space fillers, and you can introduce subtle pops of colors into the scene. They also double as risers where I can prop them to create more heights for other props.

3. Bowls, Cups, Vases & Trays

My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design
My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design
My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

I am container-obsessed. Oddly, I get this from my dad. We love buying dishes, containers, cups, vases, and trays. I recently was on a workcation, and I added quite a bit to my container collection. I especially love ceramics; it adds a calming and organic effect to the scene. And, to be honest, I used to not appreciate ceramics at all. I thought they were plain and boring. It was not until I started working on set, I started appreciating how beautiful and subtle they are.

They are also incredibly versatile. I've used vases as utensil holders in the kitchen, used bowls for small plants and dishes as a display for air plants. The right vessel with the right filler / floral arrangement / props can set the scene and make the interior warm and inviting.

4. Fillers

My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

Fillers are the perfect companion to the vessels, and I have a vast collections of them. I have vase fillers, wicker balls, moss balls, lacquer balls, faux lemons, lime, bread, you name it. Whenever I'm on site, I have at least 2-3 bins of different types of fillers with me. 

5. Lifestyle Elements

My Top 5 Home Decor Accessories for Styling a Home | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

I feel that it is important to introduce lifestyle elements into the scene. What I mean by "lifestyle elements" are those things that help to breathe life into space, instead of feeling sterile or too staged. This can be the teapot on the night stand, a bowl of fruit on the dining table, little bits and pieces that add life into a place. I especially love buying little figurines and place them on nightstands and books. I sometimes will do a breakfast tray for the bed as well. I recommend using these lifestyle moments sparingly. Too much of it can come across cheesy.

I've got 5 more props to share with you, you can download all 10 in an one-pager here:

How about you? Do you have favorite styling or decor pieces that you use all the time? I'd love to hear about yours! Tell me about them in the comment section below.

Staging Homes to Appeal to Specific Demographics (30DHSC12)


Staging Homes to Appeal to Specific Demographics | The 30-Day Home Staging Challenge Podcast

We are going to talk about appealing to specific demographics today. I run across this a lot, especially living in San Francisco Bay area, where it is a very diverse population. I get requests all the time to stage the house to target Chinese buyers, or younger buyers, etc. So I'm going to address that on the show today and show you some tips to approach this.

If you have any suggestions for the future guest for the show, please leave a comment here. I'd love to hear from you! If you like the show, please leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. This will help me improve, help others find the show and help me bring on more amazing guests.





Hi, this is Cindy, and you are listening to the 30 Day Home Staging Challenge podcast! This is my weekly podcast where I talk about home staging, home improvement, DIY, styling and decorating your home, and occasionally running a creative small business, using my 11 years' experience in real estate and styling. You can find out more about me and the show at

Today's show is sponsored by EcoJoe, the original eco-friendly St Joseph Statue Home Selling Kit. EcoJoe is our in-house product. In real estate, there is a common practice where home sellers would bury St Joseph statues for good luck. However, all the statues were made with plastic until EcoJoe came along. After learning there is so much waste in the real estate industry, we developed EcoJoe in hope to create conversations about environmental issues in real estate. You can find out more about EcoJoe at

Hi guys, welcome back to the show! I hope you had enjoyed our last episode with Patty Hume. That was a fantastic show; I loved having Patty on the show. She was so passionate about landscaping and real estate, and it was such a treat to learn from her.

We are going to talk about appealing to specific demographics today. I run across this a lot, especially living in San Francisco Bay area, where it is a very diverse population. I get requests all the time to stage the house to target Chinese buyers, or younger buyers, etc. So I'm going to address that on the show today and show you some tips to approach this.

Before I get started on the show today, I want to acknowledge you, our listeners! I was really excited this week when I saw two new reviews on iTunes and more ratings. A lot of times, doing these shows feel like talking into the thin air into this unknown world. It's like I'm talking to myself alone in a dark room, so it's great to know that you guys are listening and enjoying the show. So thank you BrassyBroadJen for commenting and I'm happy to hear that you have learned something new every time you listen to a new episode. And, fun2learn1, I'm SO glad that you have found my show. Yes, I think this show is the only one that's about home staging right now. And I loved that you love episode 6. I'll definitely keep that in mind when we plan out the show content in the upcoming months. Styling is definitely a very big topic, and I'll elaborate more on those topics down the line. I am also contemplating coming out with a home styling class later on this year, so if you guys are interested in specific topics about styling, please definitely leave a note on the show notes. To find the show notes, just go to for the latest episodes.

I'm very passionate about my work. This show definitely takes a lot of energy to prepare and do, especially now I've brought on a producer. So it is really important for me to do a good job and deliver value to you.  My main goal here is to provide value and actionable knowledge to you so you can make your home a more beautiful space for you to live in or to sell. If you have any feedback, please definitely let me know. It's really important to know these things so I can improve and make the content even better.

If you do like what you've heard so far, please write us a review or leave a rating on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud, this will help others to find this show. And if you are interested in joining us for the free 30-day home staging challenge email course, go to our website at for more information.

Ok, enough introduction, let's get started with today's show!

For today's show, I'll be trying something new. I'll be posting the transcript of this show in the show notes. Let me know how you like it by leaving a comment in the post. 

We are going to talk about appealing to specific demographics today. And when I say specific demographics, I mean different ethnic groups or different target demographics like young professionals, baby boomers, single women, etc. I run across this a lot, especially living in San Francisco Bay area. We have a very diverse population here, in every different demographic possible, age, sex, income level, sexual orientations and more. I get requests all the time to stage the house to target Chinese buyers. And I would get instructions like I want you to decorate the house with Buddha statues, or certain patterns that people think may appeal to Chinese buyers. Which can be borderline stereotypical and offensive to those who are sensitive to this type of issue. So I'm going to address that on the show today and show you some tips to approach this.

Let's talk about specific ethnic groups first, because that's usually more of a glaring issue. I remember watching Million Dollar Listings New York this season where Fredrick wore this silk shirt ensemble but approached the buyer the wrong way. He said Konijiwa, which is Japanese to a Chinese buyer. The buyer corrected him immediately. This is awkward. And you don't want to do that. If you offend someone who could potentially put an offer in for your listing, you can pretty much kiss that deal goodbye. I have a screen shot from the blog Curbed NY that I will link to in the show notes.

If you know that you are in the market where there will be a predominant ethnic population, there are ways to stage your house to appeal to that population that is still tasteful and subtle without coming off as stereotypical and borderline offensive to the people who are coming through for the open house. And remember, selling is about appealing to a broad range of people. You never know who the potential buyer is, so instead of appealing to a certain population, you want to be across the board. I staged a home once where the builder felt that someone from the middle east would buy that home, so he added these architecture details, like he had these 3 arched niches and painted them gold because he thought that would appeal to the middle eastern buyers. It's the first thing buyers see when they walk into the home. The area actually had a large Indian and Chinese population in additions to Middle Eastern population, the agent felt it could be difficult to show empty. So our job with staging was to minimize this since the client wanted this on the market as soon as possible. 

There are a lot of stuff you can do, like using patterns or color schemes to style the home, instead of doing a very literal interpretation like putting things you think that are this population everywhere. I mean, my family is from Taiwan, while we do have Ming-style chairs, we also have plenty western furniture. My mom has these Louise 16th styles chairs in her house. She also had these French styled dressers that she had found in an antique store. Like I have said before on the blog and on this show, styling is highly personal but staging is not. Staging is about appealing to a broad range of buyers. My point is that you never know what type of buyers will come through the house, coming back to this example, maybe the buyer is going to be a Chinese family, or someone who is middle eastern but was born here and have no cultural connections to that background and will not appreciate these details the builders have put in. 

In this case, we had to stick with what we can work with. The archways are already done, and the builder was not going to rebuild it. The display niches were also already done; he was not going to do anything about that. What we ended up doing was putting in furnishing that was a little bit more traditional to go with the finishes and style of the home. I also used palms as a motif where it is in the artwork and decorative accessories. When you use the theme throughout, it becomes a styling theme, and less about a statement of wanting to appeal to a certain type of demographics. 

I am going to put a photo in the show notes, so you can see what I mean. But these custom gold niches turned out to be the trickiest to deal with because I didn't have artwork in that specific size, and I needed three of them. If the niches were smaller, I might have left them be to make themselves a statement, instead of a focal point. But because that wall was the first thing the buyers see. They were so sizable, especially since the builder had painted them gold, instead of keeping them the same as the wall colors. It was important we have artwork there to neutralize it. 

Here is a quick tip for you about creating your own custom and affordable artwork. When you are out of the artwork, you have to be creative. I bought three canvas from my local art store that would fit perfect in the niches and then I went to Joann's and picked fabrics that would go with my design plan. Because the home have these details that were more intricate and had this middle eastern flair, I picked a fabric that would go with the home. And then I used my fabric stable gun and basically stretched them over the canvas. This is a super easy way to make affordable artwork. If I couldn't find the right size canvas that I wanted, I would make my own. You can probably find a lot of online tutorials on this, but what I do is I get 1x1s from Home Depot, which is pretty inexpensive. Cut them to the size I want and use screws to assemble them. After that is done, you can stretch any fabric over it. 

So back to styling the space to appeal to different demographics, use colors and patterns to suggest the appeal, instead of doing a literal translation. In the 30-day home staging challenge course, I talk about the power of storytelling. I truly believe the power of visuals and how good visual will sell any products. So what are you saying to the potential viewers? The best storytellers tell, not spell it all out. The other advantage of using colors and patterns to appeal to a specific demographic is that you are not excluding anyone. It is still appealing to a broad range of buyers; it's just that you are leveraging the color preferences of a certain demographic to make the interiors more attractive to them.

I use this same approach with other demographics as well. If the agent wants us to appeal to the Chinese populations, I will incorporate red as an accent color, which is an auspicious color in the culture. This way, you are paying attention to the demographic, but you are not splashing red everywhere or doing a straight interpretation like putting Buddha heads everywhere.

Color schemes and patterns are great ways to style your interiors to target a specific demographic. So say you are targeting young professionals or Millennials who are technology driven and prefer the more pop-py types of colors. But, in general, I'd say do pattern sparingly. Just because chevrons are in right now, that doesn't mean you want to plaster that everywhere. It's also why when I incorporate red, it is always an accent color. Because it adds richness visually, but it is not overpowering as an accent. This is something you want to keep in mind when you are introducing patterns. If you are decorating to live, I'd say go for it. Because it is all about you at that point, and you can introduce as many patterns as you want into the space as long as you and your roommates or family can tolerate it. I also want to say that there is a fine line when it can cross over from being fun and chic over to junky and crazy looking. When you are styling your home, I'd still say to learn how to edit. This will help you to look more polished. I recently published two blog posts, one on finding your personal style, and the other one on building it. I'll link to that in the show notes. But basically the gist of these two posts are about defining your personal brand. When you see people who are very stylish and pull together, generally their homes are too. What they wear will translate to their homes and work as well. That's what I love about styling, it can translates from fashion to home decor and personality. 

This is especially obvious with creative professionals. You may look at famous bloggers Instagram and blogs or video blogs and see that they have a very consistent style throughout. This is why, because they are very clear with their personal brand. So experiment and find out what that brand is for you, and then you can build your style accordingly.

So that's it for today's show! I hope you had enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the show notes by going to

Thank you so much for listening to the 30 Day Home Staging Challenge podcast. Visit to check out the show notes for each episode and find links to resources mentioned during the podcast. You can also sign up for our FREE 30 day home staging challenge and webinars by visiting our website.

And I want to hear from you! You can leave a comment on the show notes, or connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest using the handle @cindylinsf or @staged4more. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud so you never miss an episode, and if you’re finding value from the show, please tell a friend, and leave a rating and review on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud. It will help people find the show, and I can invite more guests. Until next time, Happy Staging!

5 Big Kitchen Trends I See Everywhere on Pinterest Now

1. Open Shelving

Turning everyday objects into displays and styling pieces.

photo credit: flickr

photo credit: flickr

2. Statement Lighting

Who wouldn't want an antique chandelier in their kitchen?!

photo credit: Dust Jacket Attic

photo credit: Dust Jacket Attic

3. Cool Appliances

These cool Smeg fridges are not only functional, they also add style to your kitchen.

photo credit: Apartment 34

photo credit: Apartment 34

4. Chalkboard Accent Walls

Personally, I think chalkboard paint is getting so trendy that I feel it is getting overplayed. BUT, I do love a functional space, especially when you have kids, who can make this wall fun. My grandmother had a chalkboard in her dining room, and I used to love drawing flowers and Batman on it.

photo credit: Achados de Decoracao

photo credit: Achados de Decoracao

5. Eat-In, No Matter the Size of Kitchen

I love seeing people taking advantage of their square footages, especially small homes. It is easy when you have a lot of square footages, but small spaces are hard. I especially love seeing people squeeze more out of their square footage. 

photo credit: marie claire maison

photo credit: marie claire maison

Have you seen other trends in kitchen design right now? Share what you've seen in the Comment section below.

Review: 17hats

Before 17hats, I was using Harvest for invoicing and running the contract and payment through MoonClerk & Stripe. It was slightly complicated and a bit costly. With our volume, after transaction fees from all the payment gateways, we lose about 4% on each transaction. But, we like the idea of electronic signatures and keeping everything in one place (on our internal website), we stuck with it. When I came across 17hats, I was so curious to try it.

3 Easy Tips to Design a Happy Outdoor Retreat

In yesterday's podcast, I had a great time talking about real estate, curb appeal and landscape design with LA Realtor & landscape designer Patty Hume. We also talked about how millennials have impacted the buying trends and lifestyle choices. Because of busy schedules, today's millennials prefer homes that have less maintenance. The other big current trend: major furniture retailers, like IKEA, are making larger pieces like living room sets for homeowners to enjoy outdoors.

Landscaping Design Trends & Tips with Patty Hume (30DHSC 11)


Welcome back! You may have noticed that our podcast got a little makeover during our 1-week break! I'm very excited to be back and bring you our first interview with Patty Hume, a Los Angeles realtor and landscaping designer. She is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about landscaping and real estate; I had a great time interviewing her and learning from her. 

If you have any suggestions for the future guest for the show, please leave a comment here. I'd love to hear from you! If you like the show, please leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. This will help me improve, help others find the show and help me bring on more amazing guests.

You can join the free #30DayHomeStaging Challenge email course here



A Little About Patty

#30DayHomeStaging Challenge Podcast | Episode 11: Landscaping Design Trends & Tips with Patty Humes

Patty Hume is a realtor and designer based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. She is an expert at place making, place branding and creating experiences that excite the senses.

Originally from the Midwest, Patty received her BFA in Fiber (Textiles) at The Cleveland Institute of Art. She went on to earn to earn a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning (MLA) from the University of Pennsylvania. After PENN Patty worked for Margie Ruddick landscape in Germantown, PA as a Landscape Designer on east-coast residential and public projects.

Patty moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and joined the core studio at WET Design, the people who created The Fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. As a Senior Designer at WET she designed, detailed and choreographed one-of-a-kind water features and public spaces. She also master planned the role of water in large city scale projects. During this time she spent a great deal of time in Asia and the Middle East. In 2007 she became Manager of the Design at WET and took over managing a talented team of architects, landscape designers, industrial designers, choreographers and consultants.

In 2009 Patty founded BREAKurban, a multi-disciplinary design studio in Echo Park, California. She consults on a select landscape, garden, media and real estate projects. All of her projects are contextual, one-of-a-kind and crafted with care. Increasingly called upon to select land for new construction projects, Patty decided to expand her design practice to include real estate and real estate consulting in 2013.

For Patty, helping people buy and sell real estate is an important part of the process of creating a place and an experience. She specializes in investment property (2-4 units), first time home buyers, fixer-uppers, historic homes, HPOZs and properties with significant gardens/landscape. Also as a landlord herself, she understands the day to day challenges of property management.

Patty spends her free time in her art studio drawing, blogging, listening to audio books, cooking and traveling. She has traveled to 40+ countries. Her goal is to visit 50 states and 50 countries by the time she is 50. Some of her most recent travels have taken her to Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Uruguay, Hong Kong and Bali.

Patty’s Career Experience

  • Appreciating architecture and design at an early age
  • Working on projects around the world at WET Design
  • Creating a career combining her design experience with real estate  

Millennial Home Buying Behavior

  • Very hands on approach to home buying process
  • Often do their own property research
  • Finding their own properties & then going to realtor to negotiate the deal
  • Looking for urban communities with close proximity to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment 
  • Good pictures are critical because Millennials tour homes online

Benefits of Water Features in Landscaping

  • Bringing space to life during showings and open houses
  • Creating a calm and relaxing environment
  • Investing in a small water feature can have a large impact on creating mood

Simple Landscaping Tips

  • Make your mulch beds look natural
  • Think of your house as part of the overall landscape of your block and create continuity with other homes
  • When adding new plants – compliment existing plants
  • Look for free landscaping resources in your city
  • Don’t let your landscaping hide the charm of your house
  • Create and attractive entryway to your home
  • Lavender is a “go to” plant because it plays well with others

Landscaping Trends

  • Creating more comfortable outdoor living spaces
  • Easily maintained with less yard work
  • Converting sprinklers to drip irrigation systems
  • Reducing lawn size to be eligible for rebates in some areas

Today's Sponsor

EcoJoe®, the Eco-Friendly St Joseph Statue Home Selling Kit

Designed and manufactured by Staged4more®, EcoJoe® is the original green alternative to plastic St Joseph statues.

EcoJoe® St Joseph is the hardest working saint in real estate.
He is all natural, won't harm the earth!

Building Your Personal Style (Part II)

In the blog post last Thursday, I started going over how to find your personal style. The first step is to recognize that everyone has a distinctive brand. What makes you, you. Like everyone recognizes the Starbucks red cups during the holidays, or knowing it is Nike when they see the swoosh. 

It takes take the time to learn who you are and build your style. During your exploration, you may make mistakes, and that's perfectly okay. Here are my four top tips on developing your personal style:

Finding Your Personal Style (Part I)

Have you wondered why well-dressed people always seem to have well-designed homes as well? It is not an accident.

I come across this very often, where the homeowners have nice things. They are well traveled, cultured and collect stuff. But the way they display their beloved collections can come across as clutter. This way of living is totally fine if they are okay with it. 

If not, the best solution to fix this problem is learning how to

Try This Unusual Styling Trick at Home: Off-Centering Your Art

People who know me know that I like quirky little details. Ultimately, I think that's how real living is. It is the water rings on your table top. It's the mismatched dishes in your cupboards. It is not the perfectly placed, choreographed shots on Instagram. It's the asymmetrical aspects of our lives.

It sounds completely counter-intuitive, not centering the artwork? We are taught to line things up and make perfect, even spaces in between each artwork arrangement and creating the perfect Martha Stewart gallery wall. There are more than one ways to

Free Home Staging Webinar Tomorrow

Join me for a free home staging webinar tomorrow where I'll show you the 5 key areas I look for during an in-home consultation. I'll also use real life scenarios and show you what I recommend to the homeowners. 

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How Much Should A New Home Stager Charge?

Hi guys! Starting today, Fridays are now all about business. Every other Friday, I’ll publish a new post on running a creative business. I’m kicking the new business column off today with a reader question.

Hello Cindy!
I'm very grateful to have found your website. I'm very new at staging. A month ago I did some light staging for a friend of a friend who is a broker. It was a 3 bedroom/2ba vacant condo. I had so much fun. ( it was a complimentary job). Yesterday she called to refer me to a friend broker of hers for a 4 br/ 2 ba soon to be vacated home double the price of previous mentioned condo. I think this one will entail more staging as far as the bigger furnitures I didn't do on the first one. I'm excited but feeling some fears if I can really do this. I also haven't purchased any inventory (outside of a few from first condo) so this will be the big jump financially to purchase the furniture and use movers, question is, as a beginner I'm not sure what I should charge and how flexible I should be, and how much investment is wise at beginning as I don't want to waste money I don't have.
I really like the quality and elegance of your website and the philosophy you share on it seems like it's how I would like to approach as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!

Join Me for a Free Webinar and Learn What Home Stagers Look for During a Consultation

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • What home staging recommendations I'll give to sellers to improve their homes' curb appeal
  • What I am looking for during the consultations
  • Interior styling & staging tips that you can implement in your own home

This free webinar is great for:

  • Home owners who will put their homes on the market
  • Real estate agents who want to know what to say to the home owners
  • Home stagers who are looking for tips and ideas

10: Preparing for the Open House


Last step in the 30-day home staging challenge!! Well done.

#30DayHomeStaging Challenge Episode 10: Preparing for the Open House | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

It is almost show time, how ready are you? On today’s show, I talk about preparing for the open house, avoiding the overwhelm and on real estate photography.

This is the last step in our home staging challenge, but the podcast doesn’t end here! We are going to take a short break after this episode and then come back in July with more content and interviews all about home staging, home improvement and styling your home.




We also have a few checklists that you may find helpful to organize yourself before the open house and your listing photo shoot. You can find them in our shop here. As our podcast listener, you also enjoy 20% off on these checklists. Just enter the coupon code PODCAST during check out.

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Avoid the #1 Mistake When Staging Your Home for Sale

This is the most common mistake that I see home owners make when they stage their homes for sale: forgetting the differences between interior design and home staging.

Interior design is all about you, how you like to live, how you like to express yourself through your style and how you want to design the space to tailor to your needs. You can do whatever you like. There are basically no rules. If you want to live with a lot of plants and make your room look like a jungle, that's totally a-okay. But when it comes to showing the homes to the public, you can't do that since potential buyers won't be able to see how big the room is.

When it comes to home staging, it is all about

09: Home to House Styling Plan: Part IV: Putting It All Together



On today’s show, I share our staging process from on site visit to actual staging and wrap and pack.





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08: Home to House Styling Plan: Part III: Designing for Real Estate


#30DayHomeStaging Challenge Podcast | 08: Home to House Styling Plan: Part III: Designing for Real Estate | Staged4more Home Staging & Design

On today’s show, I talk about different design principles and how they work. I shared some of my process and experiences working with major retailers, doing window displays and visual merchandising. The podcast will also take a new direction after the original 11 episodes planned! I’m planning to interview guest speakers to talk more about home staging and the process of getting your home ready for sale. So when you get a chance, review and subscribe on iTunes!






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