Terms of Design


Our appointment hours are during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Same with emails and calls received during the weekends. They will be returned Monday morning.

When we are not meeting clients, we are cleaning up, meeting with vendors and organizing studio, plus other design and business development work. This is why we can rarely accommodate same-day appointment requests.

We do not schedule on site home staging work on weekends or during holidays (even during peak season) for sanity reasons. The main reasons behind that are a) our people need resting time if we already are on 50-60 hours week, b) we need downtime to reorganize the studio, clean up and pack for upcoming jobs and c) we may have a design or event styling project.

During peak real estate sales season, we often get booked up 2 weeks in advanced. We highly recommend contacting us early so we can discuss your project.

We take on limited styling projects each year, like large scale holiday decor projects, private events, etc. We recommend contacting us in the beginning of your planning process.

We reserve the right to decline service.


We charge for a $75 preview fee for on-site visit and drafting an estimate to cover travel time and writing time for the proposal. If your project is beyond 15 miles radius of our studio, additional travel time will be assessed.

(Here is a more detailed explanation on why we charge for previews.)

We have shared the break down of our process for home staging in our recent blog post: Our Home Staging Process.


Home Staging: We only provide vacant homes staging services. We specialize in staging vacant homes that are 2,400 sqft or less, completing the installation in 1 day.

Starting in 2015, we do not take occupied home staging projects (where homeowners will be living in the homes while they are selling) due to our insurance coverage. If you are interested in doing the staging yourself, or just learn how to prep your home for the market, take at look at our free home staging guide.

Most of our vacant home staging projects start around $2800 for 30-day contract, which includes all the labor prepping, packing, delivery, installation, wrap & pack, de-installation, restock inventory and furniture & lifestyle accessories rental for 30 days.

Design: We can provide color consultations, furniture selection, furniture shopping and other services, billed at the rate of $150/hour.

Styling: Event decor, design and installation, visual merchandising, window display, prop styling and other styling services. We take on a limited number of larger scale projects each year, like private events and weddings.

Rental: Our rental service is only open to trade.


We draft our proposal based on labor and materials needed for staging your home. While it may look like we are only working at your job site on the day of staging, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Like discussing best design plan for your listing, selecting inventory, pulling inventory, packing inventory, loading inventory onto the truck, delivery, moving inventory out of the truck, on-site installation. After your house is sold, we pack everything up, unload them in the warehouse, restock everything. On average, 70-80 man hours go into each project.

A lot of heavy lifting (literally) goes into your project and labor is not cheap, especially good labor. Materials cost money as well. We go to furniture show each year to find out the best inventory to create the look we want. We also maintain a professional warehouse to house all of our fabulous things. Periodically, we hire contractors to help us organize and maintain our inventory.

While we try our best to keep our pricing competitive, we have to also make sure we are running on enough profits to keep doing what we do best.

We understand there are other home stagers whose pricing may be higher or lower than ours. That’s perfectly okay and that doesn’t mean we are either better or worse. But if you like what we do and you want us to achieve what you have seen in our portfolio, we need to charge you what we asked for in your proposal.


We started switching to credit card only for payments last year and couldn’t be happier. Our clients were benefited as well because our operations became more efficient. Accepting credit card payments freed us up from paperwork so we can concentrate on what we do best.

We also hired a Project Coordinator, Anita, who you will become familiar with over emails.

You can make payments directly by clicking a button on our invoice (isn’t that magical?). Your payment is processed by stripe, a third party service. We do not see your credit card number when you submitted your payment.

Project dates are not confirmed until a signed agreement (electronic signature) with a 50% non-refundable deposit payment are received. Remaining balance are due 2 days prior to your staging project date. This is also outlined on your invoice.

For design, event styling and prop fabrication work, a retainer is required before work starts. Any additional fees due to revisions, additional requests, must receive client’s approval in writing before proceeding. A final invoice will be presented to reflect these changes. No products will be presented until invoice is paid in full.

For photo styling work, a day rate is billed. Travel may be billed if it is outside of the 30-mile radius of our studio.

No work will be scheduled until a deposit and a signed agreement are received.

Because we have to pack all the styling props and goodies for your project, plus scheduling movers and styling team, we ask you to give us at least 2-day notice for your preferred staging and de-staging dates. This is why there is an expiration date on the proposal.


We are happy to accommodate any reasonable client requests, but please do so before your agreement is signed, especially before we arrive at your door. This is actually better for you since we won’t have to charge you for another trip.

Any changes such as requesting additional inventory (by either home owners or agents), change of props & furniture, additional design hours on site caused by unfinished work (constructions, cleaning crew, electricians, tile installers, plumbers, etc.), will be presented in the final invoice.

For additional inventory or change of furniture & props requested, additional delivery and installation fees may be assessed.

Most of our staging projects are finished in a day. We start the day at 7am loading up our truck with all the furniture and home accessories to stage your projects, usually arriving on site between 9:30am-10:30am. Staging projects may wrap between 3-7pm, depending on scope & size of the project.

Because there are many factors that can delay the completion of staging, such as size of your door, narrow stairways, elevators, etc., we highly recommend not to schedule photographer on the same day. You probably have watched enough Project Runway or HGTV Design Star to know that the design work done in a rushed timeframe is generally not the best result the designers can achieve. Let us do our thing so we can make your listing as great as it can be.


We do our best to provide the best pricing for our clients, while making enough profits not to become starving artists. As much as we would like to offer discounts, we prefer not to live hand-to-mouth or going out of business.

However, we do run promotions from time to time, which will be presented on your estimate if we are running one.


We source our inventory from a variety of sources: directly from wholesalers, whom we’ve vetted by visiting their showrooms during the annual furniture show in Las Vegas. We also shop from a variety of stores, ranging from Target and IKEA to Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and independent boutiques.

Our inventory is available for sale. Feel free to let us know if you are interested. We can also order new furnishing and accessories for your new home. Just let us know.

Our furnishing for short term rental (1 week or less) is only available to the trade. We do not rent to the general public.

We do rent wedding props to both trade and the general public. Please contact us about your event.


We carry general liability insurance, which only covers damages when we are the one that causes injuries to others or others’ property. Homeowners are responsible if our furnishing & accessories are damaged, stolen, accidentally packed during the sale process. All furnishing and home accessories are props only, for display purposes. Staged4more is not liable for any unintended use.


We do excellent work, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee our work will necessary yield your desired outcomes. While home staging is a proven and well-used technique in marketing sales of homes, we cannot guarantee your listings will sell, will sell faster and for more money. We always recommend hiring an experienced agent who will price and market your property right.


We highly recommend hiring a professional photographer. It is the best investment to highlight the home and enhance the effect of a staged home. If you don’t know one, we would be happy to recommend one.

If you need a recommendation for an event or editorial photographer, we would be happy to recommend one.

We often take photos of our projects and may use them in our blogs or publicity materials for marketing purposes. You, as a client, and details that would identify who you are, will remain confidential, unless you had told us that you want to be known. Or if you had published a public review or testimonial on a public website like Yelp, Linkedin, etc.


We do not accept gratuity, but very grateful you would offer any.

If you like what we do, please send us your testimonial, or post one on review sites like Linkedin, Yelp, etc. We also love video testimonials!