6-Figure Floor Plan SELF-STUDY Course

6-Figure Floor Plan SELF-STUDY Course



6 modules of audio & video lessons and supporting worksheets, templates, and scripts that you can access anywhere, anytime with internet connections. There is no need to reinvent the wheel if I've already done it for my business. I'm giving you my scripts and workflows so you can hit the ground running.

The course contains 37 individual lessons with 18+ hours of video content. 

This option is for course materials only. There is no access to our private group, no office hour and no Q&A.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for serious students only, students who really want to build a strong, profitable home staging business that suits their lifestyles. We put a lot of efforts in making these courses. Please do not just purchase it to check it out.

Due to the nature of the digital course, there is NO refund for this course once purchased, even if you sent in a request within 24 hours.

If you are not sure about if this is the right course for you, you can listen to our free podcast, available on iTunes as The Home Staging Show, or read our free blog posts. You can get a sense of Cindy's teaching style. Please consider thoroughly before making your purchase.


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There is no refund on course purchases.