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Interested in becoming a home stager but…

not sure how to start?

You are afraid that after spending $thousands on home staging courses and you realized that you don’t want to be a stager?

You’ve already read tons of blogs online and still not sure how and where to start a home staging business?

Or the type of stager you want to be?

Or what services can you offer??

You have always been creative and love decorating your home, and home staging seems like the perfect fit. At least from watching Joanna Gaines on HGTV. It looks so much fun and totally doable! But… How do you get into the home staging business?

Is it the right fit for you?

How do you charge someone when you are simply doing something you LOVE to do?!

Where can you get your first job? How or who to approach to get the business started?

You have a million questions about starting a home staging business and not sure what or who to ask.

👉 Enter “Launcher”

Launcher is designed for those who are thinking about venturing into the home staging industry. This 90-page workbook helps to clarify any frequently asked questions about starting a home staging business and help you navigate the waters.

Home staging is the perfect career if you love interiors, working with people, enjoy quick turn-around design projects and want a fulfilling and creative career.

I designed this workbook because I've found that most home staging courses on the market are fairly expensive, most start around $1,000. It is a big investment if you are not sure if a career in home staging is right for you.

This course helps you decide.

It provides an overview of the industry, common business models for home stagers, basic pricing concept, how to stand out in the industry and how to avoid common mistakes new home stagers make.

Including in the course, there are also two bonus classes where I show you the behind the scenes of a home staging consultation and a vacant home staging project.


You end up deciding home staging is not the right career for you, many principles and concepts discuss in the course workbook will still be applicable to other creative fields.

Artwork by Katte Geneta

"Incredibly informative"

I've gone through your e-book and I must say it's really great! I think it could apply to a lot of entrepreneurs, even outside the home staging business. So glad I could read it! I could also see the whole e-book directed towards general start-ups or solopreneurs. It's really that informative.

-- Katta Geneta, Artist


Launcher Home Staging 101 Business Course

In your 90-page Launcher workbook, here’re some of the stuff you’ll learn:

  • The first step you MUST take before you move anyone’s sofa one inch

  • The limitless ways you can make money as a home stager

  • How to price your home staging services so you don't lose your shirts

  • How to make great, consistent money as a home stager

  • How to stand out in the crowded marketplace

  • Marketing your business to attract the right clients

  • Designing your clean & inviting website quickly

  • How to build a portfolio that books you jobs

  • Building successful partnerships since that sofa ain't gonna lift itself

  • Getting your first paid job

  • Most common and costly mistakes I see new home stagers make (and how to avoid them)

  • Building a solid future for your business

  • How much does it cost to start the business?

Launcher Home Staging 101 Business Course

Want to take the course material on the go with you? You can download individual chapter of the workbook and take it on the go with you.

Launcher Simple Business Plan by Staged4more School of Home Staging

The 27-page Simple Business Plan Workbook

Use this workbook to plot out your new home staging business, or any business you’d like to start.

Launcher Home Staging 101 Business Course

In the course bonus, you will also get access to our class on vacant home staging, where we will show you a vacant home project we did in San Francisco. You will learn the key elements of vacant home staging, the rationale behind our styling and how we approach staging a vacant home.

Launcher Home Staging 101 Business Course

In additions to the vacant home staging class, you will also have access to our home staging consultation class, where we show you a real life project in San Francisco Bay Area. You will be able to see the recommendations we made to the homeowner and learn why we made those recommendations.

Who is This Course For?

This course is for those who are thinking about jumping into a career in home staging but is not sure what to expect.

We designed this course to provide an overview of the industry and answer the common FAQs that most newbie stagers want to know.

The bonus video lessons also give you a taste of what to expect on a home consultation and in a vacant home staging project.

This course is not a replacement of a full training course. If you are interested in a business course that teaches you how to build a solid foundation for a profitable home staging business, check out our signature course 6-Figure Floor Plan.

It is a 8-week business incubator with six weekly office hours and modules to help you establish your systems, workflow, scripts and foundation for a home staging business that serves your lifestyle. You can find out more information about the 6-Figure Floor Plan course here. Self-study version is also available, and you can upgrade to the live incubator when enrollment opens.

***Due to the nature of digital courses, there is no refund. Please consider your purchase carefully before you purchase the program.***


Who Am I &
Why I Made This Course


I have been a home stager for the past 12+ years, before that, I was a buyer's agent working in San Francisco Bay Area. I started my business when I was 25, not knowing anyone working in the real estate industry. Most of my friends were unemployed or delivering pizza. I had zero network. I started Staged4more in my parents' garage and I grew the business into a 5,800 square feet commercial warehouse three years after I started working as a home stager. During my career, I had worked on about $500 million worth of real estate. 

I developed this course because I know launching into a new career is very exciting but very scary at the same time. There are a lot of unknown and unexpected scenarios that can happen and you will not know how to handle. You don't know what you don't know.

Think of this course as one of those books you buy during the pregnancy "What to Expect When You're Expecting" so you can get a lay of the land and will be much more prepared to walk into a completely new field to you.

I'm very passionate about this work, because I truly believe home staging works and it can provide incredible results for our clients. In additions to this course, we also have a lot of great and free resources on the website. You can check out our home staging blog and The Home Staging Show podcast, where I interview top experts in real estate, staging and design.

If you want more education after this course, check out our 6-Figure Floor Plan course, where it works like a business incubator and we spend 6-weeks together knocking out your systems and set up a solid foundation for you to grow your home staging business.


One word...A-MAZ-ING!

"Before reading this ebook I had so many questions and concerns about starting a home staging business, like where do I begin? What will I charge? How do I get my foot in the door? I had many ideas but no idea of how to structure them into a business plan, much less a business plan that will make money. But Cindy from Staged4More was able to answer these questions in the most clear and precise ways, sharing her own experiences, preferences, advice and knowledge on home staging. Fear of launching my first business has been replaced with pure excitement thanks to the encouragement Staged4More has provided."

-- Maria-Elena Navarro