Our business courses combine best practices and tried and true business hacks of a six-figure home staging business to elevate your business to the next level.

These courses are packed with practical information and industry experiences to keep you from making costly, profit-killing mistakes.




The ultimate “what to do first” primer for your home staging business.

Designed for those who are thinking about venturing into the home staging industry, this digital online course will help you determine if home staging is the right career for you.

In Part I, the 97-page digital workbook clarifies frequently asked questions about starting a home staging business, helps you navigate the waters of the marketplace so you can avoid the common slip-ups.

In Part II, the 27-page Simple Business Plan digital workbook will help you map out your new business, whether you decide to become a home stager or not.

No one should start a home staging business without knowing certain basics. (Unfortunately, many do.) Discover:

  • Ways you can make money as a home stager

  • How to stand out in the marketplace

  • What to do to start getting clients

  • How to show yourself off online (which platform is best for a quick, beautiful portfolio website)

  • Most common mistakes most staging businesses make and how YOU can skip them

  • The program also comes with audio files for you to listen to on-the-go, as well as video lessons that show you how Cindy approaches vacant home staging and consultation.

This course also includes a promo code for our live, 8-week online business incubator course 6-Figure Floor Plan.



The complete course to build a profitable home staging business and take the kinks and guesswork out of building your business

Learn how to make a profitable, booked-solid home staging career. EVEN IF…

You cringe at the idea of “selling yourself” -- you don’t want to be intrusive.
You’ve been trying for years, and never had a single client.
You’ve been told you have to start at $50/ hour (you don’t).
You’re afraid you’ll have to deal with a huge inventory and other hassles (you won’t).

Take it from someone who’s built a 6-figure home staging business by doing things differently: there’s a better way. In this 6-week interactive online course, we'll go over systems, contracts, pricing, proposals, inventory, marketing, technology and everything you'll need to start getting clients. 

With popular demand, we now have a self-study course, in additions to the live incubator course. You can enroll in the self-study option first, and then upgrade to the live incubator course when it is offered.


1 on 1 Session with Cindy

Are you starting a new home staging business and not sure where to start?

Or you've been in the business for a long time and the work has started to feel stale, you've burned out and not sure how to grow the business anymore or reclaim that passion?

Or, you're growing and you are not sure how to deal with the growing pains! Hiring, managing inventory, moving into a warehouse, what gives?!

I can help you bring the CHA-CHING and AH-HA! into your business.

During our call, you can ask me anything... Getting out of your day job to pursue a career in home staging, hiring your first employees, what to put in your contract, what is my favorite go to places for inventory... Literally, anything. Your session will be recorded. After your session, I’ll email you the mp3 file for your future reference.

When you book the session, you will receive a PDF welcome document that has instructions on how to schedule your session and how to maximize our time together.

What Past Students Said


Pure Excitement

Before reading this ebook I had so many questions and concerns about starting a home staging business, like where do I begin? What will I charge? How do I get my foot in the door? I had many ideas but no idea of how to structure them into a business plan, much less a business plan that will make money. But Cindy from Staged4More was able to answer these questions in the most clear and precise ways, sharing her own experiences, preferences, advice and knowledge on home staging. Fear of launching my first business has been replaced with pure excitement thanks to the encouragement Staged4More has provided.

-- Maria-Elena N., Home Stager

Really helpful and eye-opening

I really appreciate how honest and direct Cindy was during the session, I think that's so refreshing. I had a lot of questions about starting my own home staging business and Cindy suggested to send her a list of questions first. She actually answered quite a few over the emails before our session. Then she picked the ones that she thought was the most important and that we can use our time best on. That was so nice and unexpected. I really appreciated it. Thanks again Cindy!

-- Bettina W., Home Stager


Incredibly informative

I've gone through your e-book and I must say it's really great! I think it could apply to a lot of entrepreneurs, even outside the home staging business. So glad I could read it! I could also see the whole e-book directed towards general start-ups or solopreneurs. It's really that informative.

-- Katta G., Artist