Frequently Asked (but Awesome) Questions

General Qs


+ Can I contribute a guest blog post?

Yes, read our Contributor's Guideline first. Then, use the application form to apply.

+ Can I advertise on your site?

Yes, as long as the content is relevant to our site. For rates, please contact us by using the contact form below.

+ Can I ask Cindy questions about running a home staging business?

Of course! Any questions that take more than 15 minutes to reply in an email will most likely be answered in the form of a blog post. If you'd like to have extensive conversations about your home staging business, Cindy does offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions. Please contact us below for more details.

+ I love your blog/photo/podcast/social media/email content/etc.! Can I use it on my website?

No. You many not reprint or republish any of our content without our written permission, except where otherwise specified. We would however, love for you to share or link back to our content! Please make sure there is appropriate credits given when you link back to our site. Thank you!

+ I love the photos on your website! Where did you get them from?

Photographs of Cindy: Most of the photos of Cindy you see on this site are shot by Caroline White Photography, except the headshot from the menu bar. That particular photo was taken by Jaime Lauren Photography

Photographs on the website: We use stock photography. If we include photographs from another blog, we will include the credit in the blog post. Many stock photographs on the blog are shot by Cindy herself. You can see her photography work here. (If we had used your photos and omitted proper credits, we sincerely apologize and please let us know below so we can properly credit you!)


Course Qs


+ Why courses now after 12 years in the home staging business?

There are a few reasons for this big change. The biggest of them all is that we can make a much more significant impact by teaching people about home staging than doing 1:1 work with the clients. Through the act of podcasting and course-building, we are also able to reach a wider range of audiences around the world, not just in San Francisco Bay Area.

After more than a decade in home staging, Cindy also feels frustrated that A) home sellers still don't fully understand what home staging is and rather than hiring someone who's a great stager v. someone who's cheap. It is heartbreaking to watch sellers leave $ on the table when they could've gotten more out of their equity. B) She feels that there are some major flaws in the home staging industry when it comes to education. Many training schools are founded by non-stagers. Not only so, but there is also a gap between a home stager graduating from an expensive home staging training program to actually run a successful AND profitable home staging business. Many new home stagers invested a lot of $ in their home staging education but unable to get the return on investment because their businesses had failed. Cindy wants to build business courses that the new home stagers have all the tools in hand to build successful AND profitable businesses.

+ How long do I have access to your programs?

Once you've paid the tuition and enrolled, you have access of the materials for the life of the course.

+ Will I need to pay more $ once I've signed up?

No. We are not big fans of asking you to renew for some sort of designations every year. It's not how we like to do business. Our intention of the course is for you to gain the skills necessary to succeed and accomplish your goals.

Once you've enrolled and paid your tuition in full, that's the only course investment. We will never ask you for more $ even if we had raised the price on the course.

+ What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products, our digital products, downloadable checklists, printables, online courses, etc. are not refundable unless otherwise noted.

+ Does taking your course guarantee I'll sell my house / I'll build a successful home staging business / ...?

No, unfortunately we are not magicians. You still have to do the work! We do our best to design courses that distill our years of experiences and will give our students practical solutions that they can access any time, anywhere and at an affordable price. But at the end of the day, it is up to our students to work through the steps and execute their own visions to make their dreams come true.

+ Who is the 6-Figure Floor Plan course for?

The 6-Figure Floor Plan course is designed for home stagers who are serious about building a financially sustainable, profitable and growing business. It is not for someone who just wants to stage homes occasionally as a hobby. That's not a real business. We want serious business owners only.

It doesn't matter if you are a full-time or part-time stager, as long as you are serious about building a profitable, ethical business, we want you! It doesn't matter if you are working a full-time day job and staging is your side hustle on the weekends and nights. If you are serious about running a home staging business properly and want to learn how to do that, we will teach you.

+ Will you host another Advanced Stagers' Retreat?

Maybe. If it does happen, it will most likely be in 2020, either in London or Paris. You can find out more information about the retreat here.


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