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Why You Are Not Getting Clients When You Should

Why You Are Not Getting Clients When You Should

Ever since I've opened the Pre-Sale for our 6-Figure Floor Plan course, I've been getting a lot of emails from new stagers who tell me that they are struggling to get clients. I see these two sentences over and over again:

  1. "I'm scared that I'll intrude/bother/hear them say no."
  2. "I've already emailed them/ did the office presentation/ go to open houses but no one called me."

And then I read some sort of statement about wanting to give up.

Here is the thing, business building takes time and consistency.

I know,  you've got a business now, you want to make money. But lead generation is a long game, not a short one. Take direct mail marketing, for example, a typical return comes about 18-24 months after you start consistently sending postcards and mail to your prospects. That's why they call it farming in real estate. You plant the seeds and keep giving them your TLC. When the timing is right, you reap the rewards. Here are my top three tips for getting clients when you are new to staging:

1. Get Your A** Off the Sofa and Get Out There

This includes hiding behind your computer and telling me that you're working on social media and online marketing. Let's not kid ourselves with those cat videos on Facebook.

Unfortunately, if you are shy, this is going to be difficult. But you've gotta do it! No one else is going to ask for business for you. (Well, except maybe your mom.) Only you can do the best in selling your business and conveying the value you bring to your clients. No one else will fight as hard for your business as you.

It's not easy, I know. As a fellow introvert, I too, want to sit at home binge watching Netflix and eating a whole chocolate cake. The good news is... IT DOES GET EASIER when you keep practicing. You will build up your tolerance time after time and each time, it will be less and less scary to speak to an agent about your business.

And sure, they will say no. But so what? You are no different than when you first started. And lead generation is a numbers game. So, awesome! Someone said no, that means you are one step closer to someone who will say YES!

Implement tools that make it easier.

Scripts are great. I love scripts. Once you memorize it so well, it just flows right out of your mouth without a second thought. Get a friend and practice. Practice going to the open house and talking to the agents. Chat him up about the neighborhood. Ask if he knows anyone who can benefit from your service.

Invent a persona. Béyonce has one. Her on-stage presence is called Sasha Fierce. It's her alter ego for her performances. Get yourself a Sasha and rock that baby at office presentations. 

2. Marketing Is Not a One-Time Deal

When I read emails from stagers who can't get clients, they always tell me they've tried marketing tactic A and maybe they are feeling extra diligent, they've also tried B. They had tried a few times, nothing came of the effort, so then they want to give up. 

What I am not reading is that they had spent the time, research the neighborhoods they want to work in, research potential clients and figuring out their sweet spots. No, instead of making smart efforts, they are just hitting up random leads.

Just think about how many times it takes a brand for a brand to advertise so the consumer will buy a product. It takes more than once. That's why they run the same ads over and over again on the tv, so you will gain brand recognition and will know what yogurt to buy when you get to grocery stores two days later. Will meeting someone at an open house for five minutes get you a $2000 staging job? Nope. It takes time to build trust and familiarity with your business for someone to hire you, especially on big ticket items like hands-on home staging services.

To be a successful business that is booked solid, you need a consistent marketing system that generates and converts leads consistently, that you can rinse and repeat over and over. To build that system, you need strategies that work specifically for your style of communication, that can let your authenticity and personality shine through your messages. In additions, attracting the right type of clients for you. You need a system that can be tweaked and repeated over and over again and will get you results.

3. It's Still A People Business At the End of the Day

I know it's very easy to send a tweet and post a Facebook update for 5 minutes and then say, "Hey, I've done marketing." But it is not enough.

Ultimately, real estate is a very slow moving industry in most markets, despite all the technology advancement. In our county, San Mateo, for example, the median age of a real estate agent is 55. Despite all the cool technology NAR boasts itself has, most agents still move at a snail's pace in terms of technology.

So online marketing is fabulous and marvelous, but it can only be a supplemental strategy. It gets people into the door, click on your website, eventually, you still have to meet potential clients, talk to them and get them to book you. So you have to focus on strategies and tools that improve your chances when you do these face-to-face meetings. 

Here are 50 ideas on how to market yourself to real estate agents and get clients today. My recommendations would be once you've met someone, got their information, keep in touch with them periodically to nurture those leads. Develop those relationships. If you want to learn how to build a marketing system, consider checking out our new 6-Figure Floor Plan course.

During this 6-week interactive video course, you will build a marketing system that you can consistently generate and convert leads, learn how to price yourself properly, attract the right clients and learn how to take the kinks and guesswork out of running a profitable and successful home staging business. I will also share with you the scripts, templates, contracts, proposals and best practices that were tested through my own 6-figure home staging business. You can find out more information about the course curriculum here.

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