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Why Home Staging and Home Security Should Go Hand In Hand

Why Home Staging and Home Security Should Go Hand In Hand


This is a guest post contributed by Shawn Kim.

When you decide to sell your home, your home goes on the market and becomes a public product. It is no longer just your home. It’s a product, a house, treated as a commodity that’s up for sale. Your house is going to be competing with other houses in your neighborhood. If you want to get the highest price possible, you need to be willing to do what is right.

The whole trouble is, sellers can’t help but still treat their house as a home. The result? It takes forever to sell, putting in less money in their bank accounts. That is why house staging is crucial.

What Is Home Staging?

Many homeowners think home staging is just the act of decluttering, but it’s not just that. When you are staging a house for sale, there are many details to be looked over. You are going to do so much more than just packing and donating stuff you no longer need.

Enter The Experts

While you can stage your home yourself and many have done so successfully, if this is your first time selling your home, it’s worth it to invest in a home staging expert. A successful staged home is not just a model home. It is also welcoming and warm and sells the lifestyle your targeted buyers want to buy into. Your home should also stand out from your competitions. Great staging highlights the advantages and strong selling points of the home.

Read Your Buyers’ Minds

To stage your home successful, put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes. What do they think and feel? What are their desires, needs and fears? With good staging, they will be able to see themselves living in your house. They should be able to picture themselves in every nook and cranny of your home. That’s how you make a positive impression. And a positive impression is crucial in a competitive real estate market.

Adding Security Into Staging

Security is an important detail that’s often overlooked in the home staging process and something should be strongly considered, especially if you’re still living in the house while the home is on the market.

Today, there’s a smart new wave of home security systems to meet every home, lifestyle, and of course, budget. These new systems are mostly plug-and-play. There are lots of DIY friendly sensors and devices that can work perfectly with your smartphone. You can put and remove them easily whenever you want, and gives you control on how you want to protect your home. Here are some of the best DIY home security systems you’re going to love.


This is probably one of the slickest-looking security devices in the market today. For $199 you get an all-in-one security system with smart sensors built into it. You have Wi-Fi, night vision camera that’s accessible via smartphone app. You also get a motion, temperature, and humidity sensors inside. It also has a learning technology designed to adapt to your habits over a short period of time, to minimize false alarms. However, you cannot hook up any external sensors with this system. In case of an emergency, it will call you, not the cops.

Dropcam Pro

Unlike other IP cameras, Dropcam offers a simple setup and an elegant interface. Dropcam HD is already impressive, but its follow-up Dropcam Pro is even more so. All you need to do is plug the cam into your computer via USB, introduce to your WiFi network, then download the Dropcam app to your iOS or Android device, absolutely free. You can monitor your Dropcam feed in real-time for free. You also have the option of paying $9.95 a month for a DVR-like cloud recording service. It also has a built-in two-way talk feature.


This is a system that comes with a backing of a retail giant- Lowe’s. It has a large variety of peripheral devices and sensors you can choose from. Plus, it has deep systems that focus on user experience and performance. And talking about flexibility, it’s one of the best. It goes beyond home security. Its capabilities also extend to energy management, basic convenience, and elder care.


This is one of the first breakout smart security systems. This is a budget-friendly alternative for DIY-minded customers. Prices start at $199 which includes motion sensors, keychain remotes, panic sirens, and contact sensors for your doors and windows. You can also have an optional camera to be added to your system starting at $149. Once you do, you can view and control it using your smartphone. You can also program it to automatically take pictures during a break-in.


For those who want to keep things as simple as possible, check out Korner. This is a kit that solely consists of one-piece entry sensors. You just need to stick each one in the corner of the opening, plug a flash drive-sized dongle into the router. If there’s a break-in while the system is armed, the router dongle will produce a piercing screech, sending an alert on your phone. You’re going to be asked if you want to call the police. Yes, this offers less comprehensive coverage compared to other systems that have multiple types of sensors. But if you’re a consumer who simply wants some basic level of protection that’s very affordable, this is a great option. Korner costs $100.

About: Shawn Kim is a geek and gets his hands on whatever home automation is available in the market. He’s an expert in reviewing products and services in the home security and home automation niche. He guest blogs quite often these days but you can check him out at

Photo credit: Viktor Mogilat Photography

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