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Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Home's Exterior

Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Home's Exterior

When it comes to changes around the house, we tend to focus on the interior first since it is where we spend most of our time. The exterior of the house usually become an afterthought, often ignored and neglected. Here are a few top tips to transform your home's exterior and boost curb appeal.

Fix the Landscape

The front yard is the extension of your home, as a form of an outdoor preview of what is inside. Bear that in mind when getting started on revamping the whole picture, since the look of your lawn and front yard can tell a lot about your home and your character in general. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubbery and low lying plants and consider planting a few new trees. A line of trees around the house can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home, whether you plan to stay or to sell sometime in the future.

Fix the Roof 

Don’t wait for the leak to get up there. Changing the tiles on the roof is a renovation that will have a huge impact on an overall impression. Make sure to match the colors of the roof tiles with a house exterior details. While up there, replace gutters and downspouts with new ones, made of materials that are long-lasting and more current. It is interesting how such seemingly aesthetically irrelevant detail can serve as decoration and add up to the sophisticated look of the house. 

Spruce Up Front Doors

Designers and real estate agents agree that the outdated and unattractive front door has a negative impact on a curb appeal so make sure to do something about it. Many times the doors just need a coat of fresh paint, but if that doesn’t help consider replacing them with new, more appealing ones. Look for the more detailed doors, perhaps with some panes of glass since they can lighten the façade as well as bring more natural light inside your home. Whether it is iron or made of wood, try to choose the doors that will complement the architectural style of the house.

Change the Windows 

When improving the exterior, replacement windows can be a dramatic change so make sure to take special care. Windows can seriously affect the overall look of the house, therefore make up your mind timely whether it is going to be more of a modern style, or retaining the classical look. If you plan to keep the classic style, consider installing window shutters and hang some window boxes. Make certain to choose the right size and style when looking for shutters, as for the window boxes you can experiment a little. Both of these details will add a certain charm and elegance to your house.

Remodel the Exterior

If small changes do not please you enough and you still don’t manage to achieve that unique appeal that you’re after, perhaps it is time to reach for the most expensive yet most effective transformation. Remodeling of the exterior means a thorough change of the outside and the options are unlimited. Professionals from Cassaform suggest remodeling by adding a porch or dormer windows, but if you aim for completely new style, find the designer or architect who will find the ideal solution for making a new look without wrecking the existing structure.

Final Word

No matter how much time we spend indoors, the exterior is the first thing that we see on our way home. There is something about satisfying feeling that takes over us at a mere sight of our new house. Nothing beats the feeling when we like what we see, plus we get to live in there. To transform the house exterior is a big project but considering that is done rarely enough, it turns out that it’s worth both trouble and money. Envision your future home and start changing it, all at once or a step at a time. 

Contributor's Bio: Hannah Thomas is a gardening and home décor enthusiast. Garden is the place where she feels most comfortable, that’s why there are always a lot of books and empty coffee cups on the back porch.  Always learning, exploring and smiling. 

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