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Tips to reduce your home’s time in the market

Tips to reduce your home’s time in the market

Professional home staging is the key for home sellers to get a competitive advantage in real estate markets of the world that are performing not so well. Home staging draws more prospective buyers to your house by turning your “OK” place into a “wow” house.

All home sellers want to get the best price for their homes and reduce the time on the market. You can do just that by turning your house into a show home by downplaying its weaknesses and highlighting its strengths.

For sellers, who want to sell their home quickly and at the maximum price, they have to dress their property up to enhance its presentation and appearance. For this purpose, they will have to think like buyers. Here are a few quick ways of tips for reducing your home’s time in the market.

Change your attitude

When you have decided to sell your home, you should stop treating it as your home. Think it was an investment and now is the time it is going to encash. Adopt “you attitude” i.e. keep yourself at the place of your buyer and identify how you can move on to better things that may appeal to your buyers.

Make your house bright

It’s natural that we all get attracted to bright and well lit up things, so make sufficient lighting arrangements in every room by adding lamps and lighting fixtures. When buyers visit the property, make sure to open all the blinds or curtains. If you have dark walls, which absorb light, a floor lamp would be a good investment that lights up the entire room.

Make your house look spacious

You can make it look bigger and better even if your house is not spacious through some space optimization tactics. Identify which rooms need repainting and then paint them in fresh and neutral colours. Do not go for the dark colours for entrance and livings rooms because they make your property look smaller in size. Moreover, depersonalize your property by removing your personal things and use right size furniture according to the size of the space.

Depersonalize and clean your house

Spend a lot of time in de-cluttering and cleaning your house. Remove all unnecessary items like utensils, appliances, kitchen items, books, photos, racks, stands and other things that make your house look small. Clean all the things thoroughly for instance, if your carpet has not been washed for ages then it is a wise idea to get it dry-cleaned. Also dust fans, windows, ceilings, and cupboards properly.

Fix structural issues

Broken, chipped and missing tiles, door locks, windowpanes, handles and moth-eaten furniture can ruin any deal for you in a fraction of a second. This is the main point of consideration for the buyers because they never want to spend extra money on repairing and maintenance. Take out the time to fix all such structural issues, which you never had time to fix before. If you are offering a serviced property, make sure to check out if all the fans, air conditioners and heating equipments are in good shape.

Refresh your house

You can refresh your house without any need of remodelling by just adding new fixtures, changing faucets and the colours of the cabinets. Make sure that the bedrooms appeal to both the sexes and for that choose appropriate colours for the bed sheets and decorative pillows. Add pictures on the walls according to the scheme of the rooms, some fresh flowers and candles to make a home warm, cosy and welcoming.

Work on the entrance

Remember, first impression is the last impressions and at times, first look is all it takes for buyers to decide whether or not they’re going to buy the house. So, it is important that you tend to your garden, mow the grass, trim the bush and clear your sidewalk. You can also add some lawn furniture according to the size of the lawn. Properly sweep the main entrance, walkways, porch, railings, and steps and add beautiful potted plants to curb the appeal in the first look.

This post is written by Susan, a Dubai Property and real estate marketing expert. She writes frequently on the topics related to Dubai agencies and property management.

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