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Staging Homes for Home Builders and TV Shows with Top Stager Kevin Htain | The Home Staging Show S8 Ep4

On this podcast episode, Top LA home stager Kevin Htain shared his experiences in staging homes for home builders and TV shows like HGTV’s Flip or Flop and Bravo’s Flipping Out. In this episode, Kevin also shared how he prices home staging services, his workflow, staging occupied homes, the biggest conceptions about staging for TV and how to deal with client objections.

What New Home Stagers Must Know about Pricing, Getting Clients and Home Staging Contract with Award-Winning Seattle Stager Edi Keech | The Home Staging Show S8.3

On this podcast episode, Edi Keech, an award-winning home stager in Seattle, Washington, shared her experiences in the home staging industry. We talked about what new home stagers must know about pricing their home staging services, how to get more clients and home staging projects, and what to look out for in the home staging contract.