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Interior Design Dilemmas and Styling Your Home & Brand with Interior Stylist Joanna Thornhill | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 6

We’ve all had interior design dilemmas, whether you’re a staging professional or not. These dilemmas can cover a wide range of issues: what do I do with a room that’s always a little dark? How do I make my rented space look beautiful? How can I pull a room together and make it look awesome on a tight budget? Luckily, Joanna Thornhill has spent her career finding great tips for these design dilemmas and more.

Styling Homes with Antiques, Bold Accessories, and Other Treasures with Kate Dawson | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 5

Great design and a beautiful home should be accessible for everyone. Whether you want to do a quick refresh of a room or you want to completely overhaul your home, there are ways to make things feel fresh and new without emptying out your bank account. Today’s guest has some great tips for creating high-end, fun, and intriguing interiors on a budget.

Kate Dawson is an interior designer who specializes in making homes look like a million bucks at a fraction of the price. Kate works with her clients to make sure their home brings them a sense of joy and excitement without breaking the bank.