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Effective & Engaging Ways to Market Your Home Staging Business with Kate the Socialite | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 4

When you’re running a home staging business, it can feel like a million and one things are happening on any given day. Between networking with real estate agents, arranging stagings and professional photos, liaising with clients, and managing your team, it can feel like adding marketing to the list is overwhelming. Social media posts, email lists, and marketing then often fall to the bottom the bottom of your to-do list. But our guest, Kate the Socialite, is here today to talk about how to make your marketing effective, engaging, and efficient - so you can build your business successfully without spending countless hours on marketing.

Kate and I had a great conversation about how home stagers and other home professionals can bring more ease to their marketing and more clients in the door. We talk about how she found her niche and how she helps clients do the same, why social media shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy, and why your email list is one of the most important things you’ll build in your business. We also chat about marketing trends and what home professionals need to know about SEO and standing out in their local market.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals with Marketing Manager McCall Capozzi | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 2

I am really excited about having McCall on the show today. She is very good at breaking down ways to engage with your audience and grow your social media presence for your business. We also talked a lot about using videos to grow your engagement. During the show, McCall gave us a bunch of great and practical tips on how to get started on social media and using video if you are new to or is already familiar with social media but want to take it to the next level. 

On today’s show, I have McCall Capozzi, who was the Social Media Manager of RE/MAX Western Canada. I invited her on the show to talk about her work in real estate and how to use social media to build awareness for your real estate brand and business, and marketing your listings. McCall had some really tangible tips on what mistakes to avoid and how to incorporate your online marketing into your overall marketing strategies. She also talked about hashtag research, how much time you should spend on social media each week and what can you do if you are starting out or advanced in social media marketing.

Creating More Demand for Your Listing with FL Real Estate Agent Kristina Mollo | The Home Staging Show Season 8 Episode 6

On the show this week, I have real estate agent Kristina Mollo on the show and we talk about the process of both buying and selling a home, and what today’s buyers are looking for. When it comes to selling real estate, whether you are a home stager, a real estate agent or a home seller, it is important to understand what today’s buyers are looking for and how they think. Having worked on both buyer’s and seller’s side, Kristina knows what today’s buyers are looking for and understands the importance of putting the home’s best foot forward when it comes to selling real estate.

During the show, we discussed how to make listings stand out, leveraging social media, ways to create demand for your listings and what makes great homes hard to sell.