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Stage Your House Like A Pro Interview with DIY Home Seller Angie Roberts

Stage Your House Like A Pro Interview with DIY Home Seller Angie Roberts


Hey guys, hello from Napa valley! I am in Napa this week for our second annual retreat for stagers who are in the advanced level of their businesses and we are having a great time learning from experts and frankly my mind is exploding with ideas and more ideas about how to improve my home staging business. I think most Californians who are listening are also very thrilled about the rain yesterday. I feel like it’s been years since I’ve heard a thunderstorm. As you may know that we have a serious drought going on in California, so it was super exciting to see the rain.

If you have been listening to the show for awhile and like the show, please take a minute to rate and review The Home Staging Show on iTunes. That will be super helpful because that will help other people to find this show and allow me to keep finding great guests and keep recording. Today’s show is brought to you by EcoJoe, the eco-friendly St Joseph statue home selling kit. In real estate, there is a tradition of praying to St Joseph for good luck, and we made an eco-friendly statue made with clay. EcoJoe is 100% natural, he won’t harm the earth. To find out more about the product, visit

Today’s episode for me is a very special one. I interviewed Angie Roberts, who is one of our students from our home staging course Stage Your House Like A Pro. She had successfully staged her own home and I invited her on the show to share her home staging experiences on how she pulled her house together, the challenges she had faced and what was her process like staging her home. I didn’t realize this that Angie had rehabbed homes in the past, so it was interesting to listen to her perspectives about getting her home ready for sale, the investment she had put in, the work they had done themselves. I especially love what Angie had shared about the pricing differences before and after staging. I always think this type of interviews are very valuable, especially if you are a home seller who is going to put your house on the market. I think it is incredibly helpful to hear others’ experiences and learn from them.

On today’s show, we talked about

  • Angie’s experiences with rehabbing houses
  • Why they decided to sell
  • What changed her mind about selling her house vacant
  • How Angie targeted her potential buyers
  • The differences in pricing before and after staging
  • Work she had done to stage and prepare the home for sale
  • What were her home staging strategies
  • What she did to prepare her home for sale
  • What was some of the surprisingly lessons that she had learned in this process
  • What were some of the challenges that she had faced
  • How her family dealt with the staging
  • Her tips for other home sellers who are thinking about staging their own homes for sale


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Angie’s DIY Home Staging Results!

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