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How To Stage Your Home for Kids and Young Families (Even If You Don’t Have Any)

How To Stage Your Home for Kids and Young Families (Even If You Don’t Have Any)

Today’s blog post is contributed by Kaya Wittenburg, a guest contributor. Please see the contributor’s details at the end of this post.

If your target buyers are young families with children, you can present your home as a place in which kids (and their parents) can picture themselves living even if you don’t have any. Here are a few easy and inexpensive staging tips that will showcase the highlights of your home and appeal to families with kids:

Pay Attention to the Yard

As soon as they drive up, potential homebuyers will be surveying the lot and picturing their kids playing there. Make sure both the front and the back yards are neatly mowed and well taken care of. Remove anything that may appear dangerous for kids, and emphasize the space available for kids to play.

Focus on Common Areas

Young families with kids spend a lot of time in the common areas of the home, such as the kitchen and the living room. An inexpensive way to stage a living room is to arrange a kid size table and chairs along with your current furniture. You want the parents to picture themselves relaxing there, and also want them to picture their kids playing nicely together in the same space. If you have a formal living room and a separate family room, consider the family room up to represent a more kid-friendly space. An easel, desk, small TV, a few soft bean bag chairs or a book shelf can set this place apart as a homework area or playroom. Parents love the idea of a safe place designated for their kids to have their own space.

Design a Kid’s Room

Big beds make rooms look small, so having a twin size bed in at least one of the bedrooms helps buyers-to-be imagine their children’s bed and furniture inside of the room. If you don’t have a twin bed to use, push the bed you do have up against a wall to create more open “play” space in the middle of the room. Kid-friendly bedding, a bright accent wall, soft toys or children inspired artwork can transform an unused guest room into a room kids will beg their parents to have.

Have Info Available

When families show up for your open house, have some reading material out for them that tells them about the local school district, youth programs in the area, and any community features or amenities that would be appealing (clubhouse, community pool, playground, etc.) A simple flyer on the kitchen counter is easy for them to pick up, read and take with them.

Don’t Go Crazy with the Toys

As many parents can agree, a lot of toys turns into a lot of clutter. Don’t go out of your way to fill your home with toys; it can take the focus away from the great aspects of your home. A toy in a bedroom or play space makes sense, but if the families walking through your home have to step over toys to get from room to room, you may have gone too far.

Make the Open House Kid-Friendly

The last thing kids want to do is spend their entire Saturday afternoon tagging along with their parents, looking at houses. Put out a few things like puzzles or art and craft supplies to keep the kids entertained. Often times, luxury homes like the Star Island homes for sale cater more towards the adults and forget about the little ones who may be occupying the home. Luxury homes like this can designate a kids’ area in a safe section of the home, offer kid-friendly snacks in the kitchen or set out juice boxes or fruit by the pool.

The whole idea behind staging your home is for potential buyers to picture their family living in this house. While it is common to focus on the rooms that appeal most to the adults, like the kitchen and master bedroom, children’s rooms can be more emotional and can be what sells the home for the families. Finding the balance between kids-friendly and kid-centered is key, and if done right, can really appeal to young families looking for a safe, practical and comfortable place to raise their children.

Guest contributor bio: Kaya Wittenburg is the Founder and CEO of Sky Five Properties. With world-class negotiation and deal-making skills, he brings a highly impactful presence into every transaction that he touches.

Photo credit: Annie Spratt Photography

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