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Spring is Here, Bring the Indoors Out

Spring is Here, Bring the Indoors Out

Spring is finally in full motion! After all those long, cold months, we can finally start the days off with sunshine rolling into our homes. And before we know it, summer is here, and with it hotter, drier weather, and you will find yourself spending more and more time outside. There is absolutely no place like your comfortable living room couch, but there is a way to achieve the same level of comfort and relaxation outdoors. Simply move your indoors – out! The kind of room you try to emulate in your garden will dictate the design and furniture.

 Outdoor kitchen

There isn't a single person who doesn't love a barbecue. Backyard or patio barbecues are hardly a novelty, but what you can do is add some originality and compactness to the established idea. You can add a smaller table or a portable counter to the side, which will also serve as a meal prep area. For further ideas, take a look at your own kitchen, and see what gives it your personal signature, aside from the appliances, of course. Decide which tablecloth designs would suit your garden, find matching, preferably colorful utensils, as well as crockery, to liven up every outdoor meal you plan to have. 

Dining Area

Aside from the kitchen, you can design your own dining area. Dining rooms are usually rooms where family and friends gather not just for the food, but also for each other’s company. So after setting up the table, chairs and the regular dining room décor, think about the atmosphere. Candlelight is always a great idea. One unusual thing to do is to set down a carpet – but it definitely causes a positive reaction, as your guests can also take their shoes off and have a more comfortable evening. You can use bamboo screens to cover up other parts of your garden that you deem “unflattering” or to simply create some more privacy.

 Reading nook

Sometimes the best reading is done outside. Whether it’s solo or with kids, a reading nook is a must have, according to many. Since comfort is a priority, in this case, you will want to choose a shaded place. You can make a makeshift floor from palettes and place yoga mats or woven rugs of peculiar design that will simply invite outside. Throw large pillows on there, and hang lanterns around for evening readings. Place a small, improvised or store-bought bookshelf or other containers for your books and magazines. Buy a subtle mosquito net to hang overhead, and ensure as little pest problems as possible. 

Think Colors

Don't forget about colors when planning out your garden “room”. Think about the effect you want to achieve, and choose your colors in accordance to that. Is it a relaxation place, or one that invites for activity? Do you plan on eating there or just drinking hot coffee and talking through the night? Colors that are too bright and collide with each other are bound to lead the observer’s eye astray, distracting from the overall space. So choose complementary colors, or keep to one color with various shades, only occasionally breaking the scheme with details from the opposite spectrum.

Keep it natural

Whichever room you decide to emulate in your garden or backyard, the designers from landscape design Sydney stress the importance of combining the feeling of real outdoors with the comfort of your home. Whatever areas you choose to create, it is wise to choose materials that will still remind you that you are, in fact, inside a garden. Wicker, wood, and hemp are all great choices for baskets and seating. You can add stone pathways between different areas to tie the whole place together. Cork and bamboo are great for flooring since they keep from the cold ground, but retain the outdoorsy feeling.


Feel free to experiment. Unsure where to start? Start small, with space created just for you and your close friends. See their reactions, and learn from their feedback. Or, go completely wild, and make everything to suit your own tastes. There is no shame in asking for help, and if you are able, definitely consult an expert who can unlock your backyard’s full potential. Spring is in full swing, and seeing your friends and family bond over BBQs, books, dinners and board games is bound to make your summers memorable.

Contributor's Bio: Hannah Thomas is a gardening and home décor enthusiast. Garden is the place where she feels most comfortable, that’s why there are always a lot of books and empty coffee cups on the back porch.  Always learning, exploring and smiling. 

Photo Credit: Cathal Mac an Bheatha Photography

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