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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals with Marketing Manager McCall Capozzi | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 2

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals with Marketing Manager McCall Capozzi | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 2

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Pros with Marketing Manager McCall Capozzi. The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 9 Episode 2

About Today’s Show & About McCall

Hey guys, I was so blown away by yesterday’s free training! Thank you to everyone who had shown up and be so encouraging! I really appreciate it! I actually was pretty nervous before the call because I felt like it was a different kind of perspective on composition and styling. And I was hyperventilating a little bit like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride.

The replay is now up and will be up for about two more days or so, until Friday night. So take advantage of it and watched it. You can go to  

I am really excited about having McCall on the show today. She is very good at breaking down ways to engage with your audience and grow your social media presence for your business. We also talked a lot about using videos to grow your engagement. During the show, McCall gave us a bunch of great and practical tips on how to get started on social media and using video if you are new to or is already familiar with social media but want to take it to the next level. 

On today’s show, I have McCall Capozzi, who was the Social Media Manager of RE/MAX Western Canada. I invited her on the show to talk about her work in real estate and how to use social media to build awareness for your real estate brand and business, and marketing your listings. McCall had some really tangible tips on what mistakes to avoid and how to incorporate your online marketing into your overall marketing strategies. She also talked about hashtag research, how much time you should spend on social media each week and what can you do if you are starting out or advanced in social media marketing.

McCall Capozzi was born in Kelowna, BC where she grew up and attended college. She graduated from the Okanagan School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration specialized in Marketing in January 2017. In her last year of college, Capozzi also worked at a digital marketing agency, and continued to work there upon graduation. She then moved to Vancouver to take a job in Event Sales Management. In 2018 she went back to school and attended the New York Film Academy where she received a certificate in journalism and video production, upon which she moved back to Kelowna and accepted the job as Communications Coordinator with RE/MAX of Western Canada in June 2018. At RE/MAX, McCall's tasks pertain to public relations, communications, and social media. A huge part of her position is training agents and offices how to properly use social media to promote their brand. She now offers social media coaching services and can be found on Instagram where she shares social media tips!

COMMON SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKES REAL ESTATE PROS MAKE. The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 9 Episode 2

On today’s show, here are some of the stuff we discussed:

  • Hey McCall, thank you so much for coming on the show. Before we get started, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how did you get into real estate?

  • Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

  • Why is social media important to real estate professionals? How can it add to our business?

  • In your opinion, what’s the best social media platform to market real estate professionals? And why?

  • Ultimately, this depends on what platform the professional is most comfortable on. I always say there is no pressure to be on all platforms - start with one, get comfortable with it and then move on to the next. However - I do think FB & IG are the best.

  • How can real estate professionals use social media to promote their local business

  • What are some of the mistakes you see people often make?

  • Should people get two accounts? One for personal and one for business?

  • I am assuming social media is only part of someone’s marketing strategy, in your opinion, how can real estate professionals maximize social media for their marketing? How can they combine social media marketing with the other marketing that they are doing?

  • Can social media be used to promote listings? What are some of the success stories you have seen?

  • How do you find the best hashtags to post?

  • How much time should someone spend on social media each day? Each week?

  • What are some of the basic things people can do to get started?

  • Once they had done that, what would be the next level?

  • What would be advance social media marketing look like?

  • What tools do you use to track analytics for performances? What would be the important numbers to look at for growth?

  • How do you measure ROI for social media campaigns?

  • What is the number one tip you would give for a real estate professional when it comes to social media marketing?

  • Can you talk a little bit more about video marketing? What should we do with Facebook live stream, Instagram story and IGTV?

  • Is video important in today’s social media?

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