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Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Office Junk Free

Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Office Junk Free

If you have set up your own business, chances are you have set up a home office, too. It's great to have an office at home, but it has its disadvantages, to be completely honest. Whether it is your casual manner of dealing with the garbage or members of your family keeping their stuff in your office - you realize one day your home office is cluttered and you don't have the slightest idea how to deal with it. Well, just follow these tips and soon your working space will be free of junk.

Group the Cords Together

All technical devices on your office desk have those annoying cords that always get entangled somehow. Start from the beginning and unplug all of them, untangle and label them. 

Have a Garbage Space

To be honest, we don't need at least half of things that linger on our office desks. Find a garbage space to get rid of all unnecessary piles of paper and you won't have a cluttered desk, especially if you spend two minutes after your work is done on clearing out the desk.

Organize the Drawers Meaningfully

Your top drawer should contain stuff you use on a daily basis, like a highlighter or a stapler. Pay attention to office things you need every day and put them there, while everything else that you occasionally need goes in the rest of the drawers.

Empty the "Junk Drawer"

Over time, we make one drawer the one where somehow all the things that have nothing to do with our work end up. Don't let your friends or members of your family leave their things there and get rid of all the things you don't actually need at work. 

Simplify Your Gadgets

If you need more space around your desk, get rid of the extra gadget. For example, backup your files online (there is a variety of cloud storage) instead of keeping an extra drive on the desk. Buy a smaller monitor or keep the speakers elsewhere. Also, remove any duplicates you have (like three staplers). A grid of clipboards on the wall can be a good place for keeping documents organized and off your desk.

Get a Desk Appropriate to Your Needs

The type of desk you choose should depend on whether you like having a lot of drawers or you prefer having letter trays for organizing the papers. Also, if you don't like keeping pencil holders on the desk, consider getting a desk with a deep drawer where you can put the holders. Think about what's more practical for you.

Label Your Files with Colors

If you would like to bring in some colors, organize your documents according to colors. For example, you can use green for financial documents, red for medical ones and orange for your personal stuff. Or any other color that you associate with a certain business field.

Store Clutter in Various Containers

If you're dealing with great amounts of bulky clutter inside your home office, you'll need to manage it in more than one way. There are really great ideas on how to find super cheap self-storage solutions. Consider investing in a storage unit for the bulkier clutter, give it away, or just throw it in the trash. That way, you will clear up some extra space for more important items.

Create a Mail Station

This is a smart solution if you receive a lot of mail. You need to have two separate folders for incoming and outgoing mail, another one for bills and one for each family member. Once a week, take a look at each of these folders. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Set Up a Printing Station

If you have a wireless printer - even better. Your printing station doesn't have to be on or next to your desk and you will have more free space. Place the station somewhere it can be easily accessed and include any printer supplies that you'll need.

Do Daily Maintenance

Don’t let the everyday junk pile up. Post a note with details on what you should keep in the office and for how long. Get rid of the unnecessary paper at the end of the working day and schedule a weekly time for emptying all the containers.

Contributor Bio: Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant, and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.

Photos credit: provided by the contributor.

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