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Selling Your Home? Essential Spring Gardening Tasks You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Selling Your Home? Essential Spring Gardening Tasks You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Spring is a time when the garden comes to life. The snow, ice and miserable weather is (hopefully) a dim and distant memory. If you are planning on putting your home up for sale around Easter, now is an excellent time to restore order to your outdoor space and ensure it is looking in tip-top condition by the time prospective buyers come for a look around. So what are the essential gardening tasks that need to be tackled in the springtime*?


Early spring is the time to order new bulbs and seeds for the garden. Certain bulbs can be planted in the spring for a summer flowering season, so if you get in early, you will be able to enjoy a colourful festival of colour in the summer, which will help to make your house a lot more attractive to potential buyers. If you or a family member likes to grow you own veggies, now is also the time to order seeds – just make sure you buy from a quality supplier.


After a long, cold, wet and miserable winter, most people’s gardens are looking in need of a lot of tender loving care. If you haven’t done so already, clear up the remains of last year’s bedding plants and throw them on the compost heap. Next, clear out the dead leaves lurking in the borders, cut back dead bits in perennials and give everything a thorough tidy up. You can buy some great outdoor plants from Glut* that will help make your garden look even more beautiful.


Early spring is the ideal time to dig the borders and prepare them for new bedding plants, bulbs and seedlings. As long as the ground is not still frozen, wait for a bright day and get out there with a heavy-duty garden fork. Take the opportunity to introduce organic fertiliser: rotted horse manure, chicken manure, compost, or recycled green waste will all add essential nutrients to the soil.


Garden pests don’t disappear over winter – they just hibernate and wait for the warm weather to return. If you inspect your perennials closely, you might be able to spot colonies of slugs, snails and aphids lurking out of sight. It is also a good idea to check roots of any bedding plants left in the borders and pots: vine weevil larvae often pass the winter in the remains of bedding plants. If you find any pests, treat them with pesticides or parasitic nematodes.


A poorly maintained garden looks shabby and is off-putting to buyers. Most buyers want a garden they can enjoy without spending too much energy. After all, they might have a ton of decorating and remodeling to do when they move in. So gardening is probably not high on their list of things to do. Spring is the ideal time to fix any broken fencing or treat wooden structures with preservative. Once you get these jobs out of the way, you can concentrate on taking care of the plants.

Gardening needn’t be a chore. Fit in a few gardening sessions when the weather permits and before long your garden will be a wonderful selling point.

*This post is sponsored by a UK company. While there may be UK resources mentioned, you can find equivalent resources here in the US.

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