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Why Your Real Estate Listing Photos are Ruining Your Sale [Season 3, Episode 9]

Why Your Real Estate Listing Photos are Ruining Your Sale [Season 3, Episode 9]


On the show today, I interview a professional photographer Rich Baum, who has a very diverse background ranging from styling and propping for movies to shooting real estate and wedding photography. He has a lot of knowledge about cameras and how light affects your final product.

I also love his approach for composition. I think this is something that especially real estate agents and stagers should pay attention to. Every photograph you show a potential buyer should tell a story. This doesn’t mean that you shoot as wide as possible and show everything in the room. If the photograph is not composed properly, it actually defeats the purpose of the photograph.

You want the photograph to show your home in the best light possible. So every photograph should do exactly that. Not jumbling all these super wide photos all together.

Rich also gave us a lot of great antidotes about his past experiences working on set. I think staging a lot of times are a lot like set dressing, because you’re styling the home for a very specific, targeted audience, just like dressing a set for a TV show or a film. Dressing for a show like Game of Thrones is very different than a show like Seinfeld. You’re targeting completely different demographic.

What We Discussed on the Show Today

  • Why professional photography is important in real estate or TV shows or movies
  • How staging work hand in hand with professional photography in selling real estate
  • Small fixes can yield major results: remove personal clutter, painting, styling tweaks
  • What it’s like to work on the set for TV shows or movies
  • How Seinfeld and other TV shows are shot
  • What’s blocking in shooting TV shows & movies
  • What’s set dressing & decorating
  • How Seinfeld’s apartment got that bike on the wall
  • Selling the right lifestyle to the right buyers
  • The make or break moment when you show a listing to a new buyer
  • Lifestyle elements in home staging
  • What’s HDR in photography
  • Shortcoming of HDR photography
  • Set up for real estate photography
  • Lighting & props for real estate photography
  • How different light bulbs affect the colors shown in the photography
  • Making photos look realistic and effortless
  • How to compose photographs
  • How to work with real estate photographers
  • Why you don’t want to shoot as wide as possible
  • Why tripod is essential in shooting real estate photography
  • What is post production and why photographers have to do it
  • Digital magic
  • Using photographs to show flow of room, traffic & floor plan
  • More is not necessary more
  • The advantage of including detail shots
  • Tilt shift lens
  • Showcase what you’re really selling by drawing the eye to what really counts in the room
  • Visual storytelling
  • The way camera sees the room vs. the way we see the room
  • Dynamic range
  • Making things vertically correct 
  • How your brain affects the way you see
  • Wireless tether 
  • Building the room with props
  • Single point or one-point composition
  • Composing the room for cameras vs. for people
  • Styling props for photoshoots
  • Why lighting is so important in photography
  • Resolutions for photography
  • Presets for editing
  • Photo edit softwares like Photoshops or Lightroom
  • Items to look at during post productions
  • Common styling & staging blunders
  • How real estate photography differs from fashion photography and wedding photography
  • How sourcing props worked in the movie and TV industry
  • How legal liabilities, copyright and legal issues changed the way prop master source props
  • Rich’s best tip of shooting listing photos yourself
  • How to pick the right photographer for your listing

About Rich

After 30 years in the feature film and television industry working as a Production Designer, Prop Master, Set Dresser & Stylist I moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento and went from making movies to shooting still photography.

I shoot just about everything from Weddings, Portraits, Professional Sports and Ultra Races but my main focus is with photographing Interiors which includes Commercial and Residential Real Estate Photography.

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