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After a successful, 11-year run as a home staging company in San Francisco Bay Area, STAGED/4MORE is now an online school that focuses on home staging education for home stagers, home sellers and real estate agents.

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Project Home #9: Storage

Project Home #9: Storage

I think it’s no secret at this point that I’m obsessed with containers like pretty boxes, baskets, and trays.

Storage doesn’t need to be boring. I use pretty bowls, cups, and mugs as planters and containers for organizing jewelry, random bits, etc. I especially love the home sale section of Anthropologie and buying lovely bowls and teacups for my rings, washi tapes, etc. They make organizing (which is usually a chore for me) easier and more enjoyable. It’s my way to reward myself for cleaning & organizing while decorating my space.

Your Project Today:

Find the right tools for you for organizing. The right tools can help you establish habits and maximize your space for organization. Especially when it comes to spaces like kitchen and bathroom(s), personal clutter can accumulate quickly. Find the right storage solutions (this can range from simple containers to new shelving) for your needs.

Once you’ve found the right tools, start organizing your space!

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Project Home #10: Kitchen/Bathroom Refresh!

Project Home #10: Kitchen/Bathroom Refresh!

Project Home #8: Details, Details!

Project Home #8: Details, Details!