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Project Home #7: Bathroom Purge

Project Home #7: Bathroom Purge

Following the same rationale yesterday, let’s work on your bathrooms too 

Today’s Project:


Start from your medicine cabinet, storage in the bathroom(s) and countertop, purge items that are expired, empty or almost empty, you don’t need and you haven’t used (like products that you haven’t used for 1 year).

A lot of products, especially makeup, can hide a lot of bacterias. Here’s a handy list on when to toss out products by, where Bobbi Brown breaks it down.


After purging, let’s give everything a deep clean: the sink, countertop, toilet, walls and especially your shower /tub area. Change out your towels, wash (or replace) the shower curtain and reorganize your goodies for the countertop and medicine cabinets.


Adding a small plant in your bathroom can help to cleanse the air and beautify the space.

After your deep clean and purge, write down everything you need to replace and replenish in your shopping list.

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