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Project Home #4: Creating an Entry Way You + Guests Will Love

Project Home #4: Creating an Entry Way You + Guests Will Love

Your entry way is more important than you think.

The entry is often ignored and usually neglected. It’s the first thing that welcomes you (and your guests) home, it’s the last thing you see before you (and guests) leave. So the entry not only should look great, it should also serve practical functions like catching all the important stuff that you’ll need for your life outside of your home (keys, wallet, etc.) and help you shed the layers so that you can slip into your home mode and be comfortable & recharge for a new day.

Today’s Project:

Create An Entry Way if You Don’t Have One

Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a console table: If you have room at your entry way, add a table that works with the scale of your entry way. One of my favorite accessories is a tray. Having a tray is a great way to drop off any keys, add any outgoing mail, etc. and keep yourself organized.
  • Add a sofa table (console table): If you don’t have an entry area, and you see the sofa the first thing when you walk into the room, adding a sofa table can double up as your entry catch-all space.
  • Physically adding a barrier: in both of my parents’ and grandparents’ apartment, they purposely added a floating wall to create an entry way where we can take off our shoes, drop off our stuff when we come in. You don’t necessary have to block out a budget for that, you can do so by adding a bookshelf.
  • Add an area rug: An area rug is great because you can literally shed all the dust and dirt from the outside. It also provides a great transition into your living area.
  • Literally no space? How about a floating shelf? Or wall hooks? All great options for catching your stuff.

If You Already have an Entry, what can you do to make it more welcoming?

Here are some decor ideas:

  • Add some plants: Greenery or fresh flowers is always great to add to any spaces.
  • Add a rug: not just for the practical reason mentioned above, it’s also a great way to add visual interests.
  • Add a mirror: Mirror is great. It not only expands the space, add more light, it’s also practical! This will also help with making sure you’re not walking out of the home with your sweater mis-buttoned or inside out.
  • Add wallpaper/ accent wall: This can be a great way to punch up a small entry way while clearly defining the space from other spaces in your home, especially if you have open floor plan.
  • Add baskets, etc. to help organize the space and also adding colors and textures.
  • Art/Display/shadowboxes/family photos: You get the idea.

And hey, don’t forget your exterior entry way! What can you do for your exterior door and outside entry to make it more attractive and welcoming?

Want more ideas? Check out Our Pinterest Board here.

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