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Project Home #21:HURRAHHH! Let’s keep this going~

Project Home #21:HURRAHHH! Let’s keep this going~

Welcome to the last project!

In today’s project, I’d like you to take out your worksheets from day one and fill them out for the after. Color in the wheels, look at the before and after and jot down your thoughts. You can also write down what you had learned during this process, what you want to accomplish further, and what other ideas you may have, etc. And keep going! You’ve got this.

Lastly, here are 3 tips that help you to keep up what you’ve accomplished this month:

  1. Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small they are. Even if you only took 5-10 minutes to clean up your workspace at the end of the day, that still beats not doing anything at all. Living an organized life doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up with guilt every time you don’t clean up after yourself. The purpose of this month long project is to help you get into the habits of purposefully purging and decluttering your life, so you’re healthier mentally and physically.
  2. Before you leave each area, budget 5-10 minutes to clean up as you go. Decluttering and cleaning becomes overwhelming because we procrastinate and accumulate tasks over time. Before you leave, just do a quick sweep.
  3. Ask for support if you need to. No matter how smart and capable you are, you can’t do everything yourself. Get support when you need to, ask for help to accomplish your goals.

Now that Project Home is coming to a close, don’t stop the good work! You can repeat Project Home any time over and over again, or plot your own Project Home. You’ve done a lot of hard work, ow go enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Capsule Wardrobe for the Year

Capsule Wardrobe for the Year

Project Home #20: Last weekend project ~ Clean out your junk drawer

Project Home #20: Last weekend project ~ Clean out your junk drawer