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Project Home #19: Keeping an Organized Home with Pets & Kids

Project Home #19: Keeping an Organized Home with Pets & Kids

Whether you have human or fur babies, they are a tremendous source of joy. They are also massive clutter & chaos generating machines.

Both kids & pets need space to play and may have lots of toys & accessories scatter all throughout of the home. Additionally, pets can shed and create lots of dust bunnies and cause allergies in the home. Kids can also create a lot of chaos and disorganizations.

Here are some tips to help you keep an organized home with kids and/or pets:

  • Everything has its place
  • Get good storage options: bins, boxes, containers, etc.
  • Buy less: There’s this thing where people tend to buy more just because something is cheap, but that something can fall apart very easily, which creates more waste.
  • Have regular clean-up time: This doesn’t need to be huge blocks of time, like hours, but 15-30 minutes can do. It’s especially helpful when you get your kids involved with clean up, by teaching them how to clean up after themselves.
  • Do clean as you go: this will make clean-up less painful when you break it up into bite-sized chunks.

Today’s Project

Work on your kids’ play areas. Find storage solutions that can help you keep the toys and clutter at bay.

If you have fur babies, pay attention to the smell. If you’re selling your home, strong pet smells can deter buyers from making an offer.

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Project Home #20: Last weekend project ~ Clean out your junk drawer

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