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Project Home #18: Declutter your books & mags

Project Home #18: Declutter your books & mags

I feel so sacrilegious for saying this but, yes, surprisingly, books can be a source of clutter. Especially with the popularity of digital & audio books and e-readers like iPad and Kindles, it’s becoming increasingly easier to purchase & read digital books.

I personally still love physical books. As a child, I spent a lot of time in the library, I love the smell of books. I still remember the moment my mom got me my first library card. After getting that library card, I remember the librarian letting me go into the room behind her, full of racks and racks of books. I thought it was the most magical thing ever.

In recent years, I become less inclined to purchase physical books. Most of the books I own are either donated or turned into props for staging. I keep only reference types of books or books that I know I’ll read over and over again. Realistically, with so much content to be consumed every day (TV, Netflix, blogs, news, social media, work, etc. etc.), it’s hard for me to carve out time and read physical books. Also, with limited shelf space, it’s also pertinent to keep books that I *really* need.

Additionally, books like cookbooks are becoming less of necessity since I can have thousands of recipes at my fingertips by searching Google. Books are also incredibly bulky and heavy to move.

The same idea goes with your other types of media: music, DVDs, magazines, video tapes, etc.

Today’s Project:

Go through your books & media and pick out the ones that can be donated or given away.

If you’re selling your home, keep those coffee table books or a few hardbacks (I specifically take out the paper covers, and I mostly use neutral color ones for styling.) that are in good conditions as part of your staging props. After the sale, you can either donate or keep them.

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