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Project Home #15: Bedroom Makeover

Project Home #15: Bedroom Makeover

Hey, happy Friday! Welcome to your third Weekend Project.

We’ve been focusing on your bedroom this week for good reasons. Your bedroom is where you rest and recharge to get ready for the world. This weekend, we’ll finish refreshing your bedroom.

This Weekend:

Deep clean your bedroom thoroughly. Vacuum, dust and wash all the linens in your room. Declutter surfaces (night stands, side tables, dressers, console table, etc.) and return everything to their proper “addresses.” Clean your windows and mirrors. Don’t forget under the bed and your window treatment!

Complete any projects you didn’t get around to do this week.

Other than the projects we’ve gone through this week, what are some ideas you’ve always had for your bedroom? Is it adding a seating area? Is it having a more organized closet? What are some of the steps you can think of to implement these ideas?

If you’re doing Project Home to get your home ready for market, remove any furniture that blocks the traffic flow or makes the room feels cramped. Declutter and remove all the personalization in the bedroom. Add decorative accessories, artwork that makes the bedroom attractive and inviting.

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