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Project Home #14: Let’s Hit the Walls

Project Home #14: Let’s Hit the Walls

One of the most common fears I see with homeowners, especially new ones, is their walls. Somehow, we’re scared to decorate the walls, because we may decorate them “the wrong way.”

That’s total nonsense!

For today’s project, I’d like to challenge you to find some options to dress your walls. One of the most common areas to place artwork is above your bed & headboard, or above your nightstands. You don’t have to use artwork either; you can use decorative objects, mirrors, etc. to add visual interests in your room.

Couple things to watch out for when it comes to picking the right piece(s) for your walls:

  1. Where is the focal point? Every room has a focal point that brings out the function and highlights the feature of the room. Having a clear focal point also helps to streamline the look of the room and avoid having the room looking cluttered.
  2. Pick the right size. If all else fails, make sure you have pieces that are proportionate to the furniture and the walls around the artwork. Having an oversized piece of artwork can make the room feel smaller. Having a tiny piece of artwork on a giant wall will make the room feel off-balanced.
  3. Hang it at the right height. I’ve seen so many times that people hang artwork that is either too high or too low. This can throw off a well-designed room. Hang your artwork at roughly eye-level.

If you’re doing Project Home to prepare your home for sale, make sure you check the content of the artwork as well. Nothing that’s political, nude or controversial. In genenral, when it comes to picking the artwork, pick something that can work with your existing color schemes, or repeating a pattern that’s already in the room. Depending on the purpose of your room, you can also choose a subject topic that works with the room.

Here are some more ideas on Pinterest if you need some inspirations.

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