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Project Home #11: Making the Bed

Project Home #11: Making the Bed

On average, we sleep 8 hours per day, which means out of 24 hours a day, we spend 1/3 of our day sleeping. Which means… We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed!

Today’s Project:

I’d like you to remake your bed, not only so, I’d like you to:

1. Check your mattress: Check and see if your mattress and pillows are working for your body. Do you notice that when you wake up, your neck may be hurting or there’s a discomfort with your back? If so, you may need better pillow and/or mattress that support your spine better.

You should also regularly flip/rotate your mattress since your mattress will lose its firmness once you’ve slept on it for a certain period. I also recommend getting a mattress cover / protector that helps to keep dust mites, bed bugs and allergens at bay. It’s far easier to wash the mattress cover than spot cleaning the entire mattress.

2. Check your linens: If you know you’ve always been missing a bed skirt, add one. Check you current linens for holes, stains, and etc. Bring out a fresh set and remake your bed. If you want to feel extra spoiled, you can also steam your sheets by using a hand held steamer.

3. Add a little flair: Does your bed need some updating or need some colors or personalities? You can easily do so by adding accent pillows or throws to add colors schemes, patterns and textures to your bed.

If you’re doing Project Home this month to start your prep process for selling your home. Skip #1. When staging the bed for sale, making the bed feel luxurious and extra fluffy will be key to making an inviting bedroom.

Once you’re done, enjoy your new bed!

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