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After a successful, 12+ years run as a home staging company in San Francisco Bay Area, STAGED4MORE is now an online school that focuses on home staging education for home stagers, home sellers and real estate agents.

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Project Home #1: Ready, Set, Go!

Project Home #1: Ready, Set, Go!

Hey, HAPPY FEBRUARY! This month, we’re using Project Home to focus on giving some love to your home so that you can enjoy a more inspiring home or getting the home ready for sale. You can check back the blog everyday this month for the full project, but we also recommend to sign up for the email course so that you’ll receive exclusive worksheets for this project.

Hey there, BIG WELCOME to Project Home!

I'm super excited that you're here, and you had decided to give your home lots of love this month!

Clutter and disorganization are basically public enemy #1 & 2, whether you're living or selling your home. Messy rooms suck up all the energy and make people feel tired, unproductive and resisting to positive changes. Let's change that, shall we?

The goal of this project is to help you get clear about how you want to live in your home (or getting ready to sell). With the easy-to-do 21 exercises, you'll create a more enjoyable, peaceful and organized home when the month is over.

You'll receive one email every weekday. And every Friday, you'll have a weekend project. If for some reason, you didn't get around to do one (or more) of the exercises, don't beat yourself up. Life gets in the way; we get it. But do your best to get as much done as you can.

Remember, it's about progress, not perfection!

Here are three pro tips to help you manage the projects:

  1. Get a notebook and plot out your checklists, ideas and any supplies you may need.
  2. Divide: Project Home is designed for you to concentrate on one project at a time. Because most of the times, people get distracted by new projects, and then they end up with a bunch of half-completed projects and no completed projects.  If you just focus on one thing and keep working at it, you'll make a difference in how you feel in your home. So take it one project at a time.
  3. Now conquer: Block out some time on your schedule, pick one focus area each time to concentrate your effort on it.

If you would like to sign up for the email course, sign up below. The first Project Home email will arrive Monday morning. Have lots of fun, and here's to a happier & refreshed home!

I’m so happy that you’re here and have committed yourself to create a home that you’ll enjoy or simply wanting to get the home ready for sale. It’s AWESOME!

Before we get started with the entire program, I’d like you to walk through your home and look at everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. You don’t need to over criticize yourself or beat yourself up because your home doesn’t look or feel “perfect.” There’s really no such thing.

REMEMBER: You create the home that you live in, and you can easily change it based on your lifestyle or your needs.

Project Home is designed to help you get started and get inspired to work on your home to fit your life better, while refreshing the home so you live a more fulfilled life, or boosting the curb appeal for selling your home. By taking this month to work on your home and do the exercises, we want you feel inspired to set yourself up for success for future endeavors and continuously live a better and more organized life!

Your Project for Today:

First, celebrate your win! You may be like, hey, what win?! Getting started is usually the hardest part, so give yourself a round of applause. Treat yourself with something small but fun for your home. It can be a small potted plant, a beautiful candle, or a new mug. Nothing super expensive but you’d feel rewarded and adds beauty to your home.

Remember in our 3-part Mindset podcast series, we kept on talking about visualization and manifesting the life you want? Let this small (but affordable) gift be a visual reminder to you of your goals and your aspirations for your home!

And, just a quick reminder: it’s all about PROGRESS, not perfection here. Even if all you did was 10 minutes of cleaning, that’s 10 minutes more than just lying on the couch.

Start from your front door, walk through your home like you’ve never been there before. Take your time looking around, stand in the door way first, get a lay of the land. What’s your first impression? Stand in the middle of the room and look around, take in that 360-degree view, what have you noticed? What are some of your favorite part of the room? Is it a piece of artwork you have? Is it the view? Or is it your favorite chair? What are some of the problem areas that you don’t like as much? Use your worksheet, start journaling and write down what you like and don’t like for each room and color in your wheel. You can also start writing down some ideas & action steps (we love action steps!) to accomplish these ideas. Print as many copies as you need.

ps. I’m not asking to do EVERYTHING from your worksheets this month. It’s for you to keep and to keep creating and executing your actionable items throughout the year or whatever time period you’re comfortable working with.

pps. Don’t forget to sign up for the email course below to get your worksheet! 

Want A Cleaner & More Organized Home?

Show some love to your home this month by investing some elbow grease for a cleaner, more organized and refreshed home

Follow our 21 easy-to-do tasks (one email every weekday) to get your place back into shape to live or to start getting your home ready to sell.

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Project Home #2: Let it go~

Project Home #2: Let it go~

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