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Profitable Home Selling Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors With Realtor Marj Weir

Profitable Home Selling Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors With Realtor Marj Weir

Hey guys, welcome back!

You may have noticed that the audio today for the intro is slightly different. I am testing a new mike and we will see how it goes! My mom is watching some really loud and dramatic Chinese soaps and my dog is snoring very loudly next to me. So we will see if that make it into today’s intro! Let me know either you like it or hate the new sound in the show notes. I would love to hear from you!

If this is your first time listening to the show, I am Cindy Lin, I am the founder and owner and chief of everything officer at Staged4more home staging. I have been a home stager for about 10 years in San Francisco bay area. And you are listening to the Home Staging Show, where we talk about all things real estate, home staging and styling your home.

Next week’s episode is going to be our last show of the season and I’m going to close the season 2 and the year on the air. Next week is a solo show, just me and I have some major announcements about next year. If you have any home staging Qs, feel free to submit them to me. You can ask in the comment section of the show notes, or ask me in the private Facebook group.

On today’s show, I am interviewing a real estate agent Marj Weir, who has a lot of experiences working with investors. I know most of you who are listening are homeowners and you may never want to be an investor, but I think there are a lot of nuggets in there that you will find beneficial. We talked about the typical home selling process for sellers, pricing the listing, how investors approach remodeling and selling a home, and whether you should remodel if you are not an investor. Lots of great information!


  • What is short sale?
  • What is foreclosure?
  • As an agent, working with real estate investors
  • Why bank prefer short sale over foreclosures
  • Where staging & good listing photos come into play
  • Listing photos do’s and don’ts
  • Setting up the right expectations for buyers to tour homes in person
  • Why hire professional photographers vs. taking photos yourself
  • How buyers buy houses nowadays
  • What happens when you show vacant listings
  • If you can’t stage, at least do…
  • How banks put in effort to make foreclosed listings look more attractive but still fail on…
  • Buyer psychology
  • How smell can influence people’s buying decisions
  • Walking homeowners through the home selling process
  • Making recommendations to sellers during walk-throughs and design decisions
  • A crucial & important step to get ready for sale
  • FHA financing
  • First time home buyers
  • How to avoid reducing your listing price
  • How to come up with pricing for the listings
  • Looking at competing listings
  • The timing of selling real estate
  • When to put your home on the market, especially if you have a larger home
  • Marj’s common home staging & prep suggestions for homeowners
  • Home staging inventory & props
  • What’s over-staging and why it can be a negative thing in selling real estate
  • The importance of lighting
  • Working as a buyer’s agent
  • Why you should put size-appropriate furniture into rooms, even rooms that are considered as small
  • Why staging is so important for buyer’s perception
  • The home selling process for real estate investors
  • Why appraisers & inspectors are so important in a real estate transaction
  • Determining the right buyers for the home you are selling
  • Selecting the right finishes for the right price point
  • Prioritizing the right to-do to work on to prepare the home for sale
  • How you can tank or raise the property value in the neighborhood
  • How to look at budget, profitability to determine how much work you’ll do for your home
  • What type of appliances to choose
  • What type of work investors usually do
  • What you need to know when you sell
  • The moneymakers of your listing!
  • Why homeowners should think twice before remodeling for selling their home
  • Picking the right type of countertops for your home
  • Does what type of appliances (brand) matter for selling a house?
  • What you should do to get your home ready for sale if you have ZERO budget
  • Common mistakes that homeowners make
  • How to lower the chance of buyers’ agent making a low-ball buyer
  • “Every seller wants top dollars and every buyer is cheap”
  • Common mistakes when homeowners stage the homes themselves
  • What you should do if you are thinking about selling
  • Why you shouldn’t just meet with one realtor
  • Ways to vet potential realtor that you will hire
  • How to work with your real estate agent

About Marj

I firmly believe where you live matters — and I’ll help get you where you want to be. I have a commitment to customer satisfaction and outstanding results, and working with an agent that knows the area is key! By constantly staying on top of the local market I’m able to help both buyers and sellers when the time is right. Since I work often with investors AND first time buyers, I see a bit of both sides – properties needing work and what truly is ‘move in ready’. I’ll help you discern what is fluff vs the important updates!

For sellers, I’ll work with the client, walking through the property and making staging suggestions to bring top dollar. When clients spend some time and energy clearing their home to sell, they are in the mindset to move on. These sellers often sell quickly, while enjoying their home more in the mean time.

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