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Pricing Your Home Staging Jobs with Pam Christensen | The Home Staging Show S7.8

Pricing Your Home Staging Jobs with Pam Christensen | The Home Staging Show S7.8

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Welcome Back to Season 7 Episode 8!

On today's show, Pam Christensen is back to chat with us about the financial side of a home staging business. We talk about profit margins, working with a bookkeeper and CPA, as well as how to price home staging projects. We also chat about hiring as well. Pricing is always a sensitive topic, so I am super grateful for Pam to come back on the show again this week and being so generous with information.

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About Pam

Pam started her staging business in 2007, when many of those in the real estate industry were closing due to the state of the market.  Pam leveraged her eye for design, marketing background and real estate investing experience, to help fellow investors sell their properties at top dollar.  Pam has grown her business from a single storage unit and rented truck, to a premier staging company staffed with talented designers that stage over 300 homes a year.  Staging for Charisma's homes are under contract in 7 days or less and for thousands over asking price.  Pam is well known as an expert in the Seattle area staging community; hosting her own radio show for 7 years and as a featured columnist for the local REAPS (Real Estate Professionals of Puget Sound) newsletter.  As a speaker, trainer and mentor to stagers and REALTORS in the Puget Sound area, Pam is committed to the continuing improvement of the home staging industry.

Pam's Certifications

ASPM Accredited Staging Professional Master
CRI Certified Real Estate Instructor
Alumni AHSCI Advanced Home Staging Certified Instructor for the Academy of Home Staging

Some of the Qs I asked on Today's Show:

  • Pam, thanks so much for coming back on the show this season! On today’s show, I’d like to find out a little bit more about the financial side of your business. How do you approach pricing your projects?

  • And is it different pricing vacant homes vs. occupied homes?

  • How about starter homes vs. luxury homes?

  • How do you price your furniture rental?

  • How do you determine your profit margins for each project?

  • Do you have a minimum price for doing a job, why or why not?

  • How long is your typical contract length and what happens if someone goes over their contract? How do you calculate the rental?

  • What are some of the mistakes you’ve made when it comes to finances for the business? (that are okay for you to share)

  • Do you work on the company financials yourself? Or do you have a bookkeeper and a CPA who help you as well?

  • I have a listener Adrian submitted a question for you: “How much should I charge for staging a 2000 square feet home with 3 bedroom, dining room, 2 bathrooms, small office and living room? This is a flip property”

    • I know this type of question is very difficult to answer for someone who is not in her exact market. Also, it depends on how you approach staging and what type of inventory you bring in, the price can vary. But let’s say if this is your market, how would you go about pricing this job?

  • What is the one top tip you will give to stagers when it comes to pricing their projects?

Watch the Interview Here

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