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One-Day Upgrades with a Minimal Investment to Improve Your Flooring

One-Day Upgrades with a Minimal Investment to Improve Your Flooring

You’re busy enough as it is trying to sell your home, so you don’t have a lot of time on your hands for improvements. But upgrading the flooring of a house can do a lot to boost its resale value. Here are some projects you can complete in just one day that will save you time and money as you attempt to floor your prospective buyers.

Cork flooring

The best cure for a hard and cold floor is a comfy cork upgrade. Cork gives your floor a much softer feel while remaining durable. With panels that snap together, it’s much easier and faster to install than wood flooring and 100 percent renewable. It also has a great sound-deadening quality. Cork flooring comes in both tiles and planks. Until recently, the tiles had to be glued to the subfloor, but there is now an option to buy floating tiles that connect like planks.

Engineered wood planks 

Nothing beats the warm feel and sleek look of wood floors, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to lay down the real thing. Instead, look into putting down engineered wood planks. They are either snapped or glued together rather than being nailed down, allowing you to put them down quickly over almost any type of surface. Another plus is that they are prefinished so you don’t have to do any sanding.

Laminate flooring 

Like engineered wood planks, laminate planks use tongues and grooves to snap together. They look like wood but are actually plastic and there are a multitude of wood-grain patterns to choose from. You can also get laminate squares, which are similar to ceramic tiles. Laminate flooring is much more resistant to scratches, fading and stains than wood.

Floating vinyl

Floating vinyl sheets can be installed quickly and give you a wide variety of options when it comes to color and style. They are quite resilient, making for a great upgrade to laundry rooms and bathrooms and don’t have to be stuck directly to the subfloor. The vinyl sheets come in 12-foot rolls or you can get 12-inch square tiles for even easier installation.

Ceramic tiles

Like vinyl tiles, these are perfect for rooms where the floor needs to be water resistant and allow you to customize the style.

Paint a checkerboard pattern

If you don’t have the money to refinish your floor, you can paint a checkered pattern with colors that give the room warmth and a fresh feel. Checkered patterns also make the room seem larger and more dynamic. Make sure you sand and clean the floor before applying coats of durable floor paint, and let each coat completely dry before adding the next one.

Carpet Squares

You’ll want to leave installing wall-to-wall carpeting to the professionals, but carpet squares can be easily and quickly put in on your own. They are about 20 square inches and come in a variety of colors and styles. You simply attach them to each other using adhesive dots on the bottom corners of each square with the sticky side facing up. This connects the carpet squares together without having them connect directly to the floor, allowing them to be easily taken up. This comes in handy if you get an irremovable stain since you don’t have to replace the entire carpet, just the affected square.


Adding a rug or two can go a long way in giving your floor space new life if you don’t have the ability to do a complete floor overhaul.

Don’t forget about your stairs

An easy and quick installation to get someone looking at your home to stop and stare at your stairs is to put in a carpeted stair runner. It can add character to an otherwise bland staircase. You just need some double-sided carpet tape and a staple gun to lay the carpet runner down. It can be a bit trickier if you’re dealing with winding stairs, but still doable for a novice.

Do you have any other ideas for one-day floor improvements?

Today’s Guest Post is by Chris Long: Since 2000, Chris Long has been an on-the-floor store associate at a Home Depot in the Chicago suburbs. Chris contributes DIY advice on hardwood floors and tile for the Home Depot website. He also provides tips on carpeting and rugs for the website.

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