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Monday Distractions: West Elm’s September Catalog

Monday Distractions: West Elm’s September Catalog

I’ve always been a fan of West Elm’s design aesthetics and sensibilities. I like its soft palettes and incorporations of elements from nature and patterns. But it was such a pleasant surprise to see some dark & moody walls and backgrounds this month! I just love the contrast between the dark and the light. Even though this month was slightly Halloween themed, the light fixture on the cover really popped with its gold accents and glass texture glowing against the dark background.

Personally I’m a huge fan of dark walls. I wanted to paint my office pitch black but my business partner vetoed it. (We ended up having a chalkboard wall as a compromise!) Although we don’t get to play with with dark paint colors in the home staging arena, I’ve always thought it’s a very modern and sophisticated look for interiors.

Here are a few different examples of dark colors in interiors. As you can see, by playing with light and dark contrasts, and adding pops of colors like yellow, green, purple, on a background of natural wood tones or soft gray palettes, one can still create a stunning and sophisticated interior.

Here are a few of my favorite things from this catalog:

1) WE Print Collection, Watercolor Burst I. $149.

2) Framed print — Watercolor Burst II. $149. Both of these artwork are actually very versatile. You can use these prints on their own with repeats like what the stylist did in the catalog or use them as a pair. Even a single piece on a console table in a niche area will brighten up the space. Very versatile pieces.

3) Metallic Print Barware, Gold Dip, Set of 4. $34. These are super fun, especially for holiday entertaining. I love the different geometric patterns on these glasses. (I’m clearly a nerd. Geometry was actually one of my favorite subjects.) Gold accent pieces are always crowd pleasers during the holidays.

4) Gold accent pieces are not just for the holidays! They also adds some extra sparkles & shine when one first walks in and sees the room. Sculptural spheres in gold. $29.

5) Crewel Key Pillow Cover, 18″x18″, Blue Lagoon. $39. I love me some nice pillows. They are a great way to introduce patterns and colors into a space. These actually come in different colors as well. They are great to use for sofa, bed and other seating areas.

6) Chunky Tassel Throw, Horseradish/Ivory. $69. Nice chunky throws are some of my favorite styling pieces. Soft good adds warmth and pops of colors in the room without overwhelming the space. The throw is also functional! (I’m always cold!)

7) Colorstep Stripe Cotton Dhurrie, Black/Sun Yellow, 4’x6′. $55. These also come in Black/Stone (like a light gray color) and Black/Peach (like a warm coral), which I also love. These will look great in every room. 

8) I just love how the patterned slits allow your interior wall colors to seep through. The patterns also automatically make a modern background for your favorite display objects. Patterned Crate Storage, Burnt Wax. $799.

9) Cross Spindle Side Table, Glass. $249. This also comes in coffee table size. I love the modern feel of these two pieces. They are inspired by mid-century Danish design. The warm wood finish and the geometric shape can work with many different styles and still be functional in many different spaces.

10) CFL Industrial Task Lamp, Antique Brass. $79. These come in a variety of colors, but I love bronze the most. Bronze is making a strong come back and I am loving the updated and more modern use of bronze finishes that I’ve been seeing.

Top to bottom, left to right:

1) Saddle Office Chair, Painted Stripe, Gray/Ivory. $349. I saw this in the showroom and I loved it. Maybe because it swivels? But I also love the clean design, and the luxurious feel with the fabric. And oh stripes!

2) Gilded Fern Wall Art. $249. This is a gorgeous piece with the gold leaf accent on a very naturalist design. The patter is lovely and I love that there are two different printing in one piece.

3) Linework Vase, Honeycomb, Teardrop, White. $19.

4) Mid Century Tray, 28″ Sq., Wood/Brass. $129. I use a lot of trays in home staging and styling projects, but mostly solid wood or lacquered trays. I love the wood/brass combination, however. The studs make it a much more interesting piece.

What did you think of our picks? What are some of your favorite pieces? Share yours in the comment section below here!

All photos courtesy of West Elm (September 2014 catalog)

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