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Manifest & Create the Style You Crave with Desha Peacock

Manifest & Create the Style You Crave with Desha Peacock

Hi guys, welcome back to the Home Staging Show, where we talk about all things real estate, home staging and styling your home to live or to sell. And hello from Taipei! I’ve been back for about a week and kind of readjusting my life here. It had been unbelievably cold when I got back, some areas in Taipei actually snowed, which had not happened in decades. I know the east coast is going through some crazy snow weather as well, I hope you guys are doing well and are safe.

I’m recording today’s intro and outro in a coffee shop today so you may catch some ambient noises in the background. I’ve been visiting my 91-year-old grandmother every day for lunch and after lunch, I walk to a nearby bookstore and work from their coffee shop. So you may hear some bits of ambiance noises in the background.

Today’s last episode on our 3-part podcast series on mindset. For part 1, I interviewed Laura Gaskill about mindful clutter clearing and in part 2, I interviewed Lara Young about designing the fabulous life you want. Today, it’s all about manifesting with Desha (DEE-SHAY) Peacock.

An author, International Retreat Leader and Creator of Sweet Spot Style, ‪Desha Peacock‬ has sold over 10,000 copies of her first book Create the Style You Crave. With an intuitive approach to style, Desha’s book was listed by Huff Post as one of THE BEST books to buy your girlfriend.

Peacock holds a Master’s Degree from The School for International Training, is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator and has coached hundreds of women on how to create their Sweet Spot: a self-defined place of success and beauty. She’s been quoted in Yahoo, Career Rookie, US News Money and has made radio & TV appearances across the nation. Desha’s second book, Your Creative Work Space, will hit shelves in 2017.

I had a great interview with Desha Peacock, I think she’s a magical woman. I just really loved this conversation with her. On today’s show, we chatted about her book Create the Style You Crave on a Budget You Can Afford, the concept behind her book, how to manifest, how to find clarity in all aspects of your life, ranging from finding the man you want to manifest your dream house and designing rooms that inspire you. She also shared 7 steps on how to design the life that you want, how to manifest and how not to manifest the life that you want. We also talked about lady bosses and heroes in our lives, as well as how serendipitous it is that we’ll both be going on the same styling retreat with Justina Blakeney in Italy this May. It was a really fantastic show, I hope you will enjoy it!

And just a quick announcement about next month’s podcast and our home staging blog. Next month is Valentine’s day, so we are giving a lot of love to your home by working on various projects around your home, also so that you’ll be able to start getting the house ready if you’re planning to sell in March, or simply enjoy the refresh.

It’s going to be an email course. You’ll receive one email every weekday. We will also have corresponding blog posts and podcasts that go along with that. So it will all be solo shows next month. If you’re interested, there’s a sign-up link on the bottom of this show notes and you can sign up for Project Home there.

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  • Doing what our society expects us to do
  • The stories (or lies?) people tell
  • Finding your own path
  • My own personal story about establishing my business
  • Living your own essence
  • How to hit your sweet spot
  • What’s your ideal sweet spot
  • Your personal heroes
  • What’s a lifestyle coach
  • Core desire feelings
  • Goal vs. intention
  • Inspired action steps
  • 7-step process to design the life that you want
  • What’s manifesting
  • How to manifest
  • Vision board
  • Write and read your intentions out loud
  • How you can manifest what you want
  • But (!) you can do manifest the wrong way
  • The importance of having faith and how to built it
  • How to manifest your dream home
  • Create the style you crave on the budget
  • How to create an interior that inspires you
  • Declutter your mind
  • Arrange your space through space and color, and following your intuition on what makes you feel happy and inspired
  • Mood board
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Elizabeth Gilbert on passion and work
  • Multipotentialite
  • Myers-Briggs
  • How you can learn to develop your creative expression
  • Arianna Huffington: My Wake-Up Call Came in the Form of a Broken Face

Resources Mentioned on Today’s Show


Desha’s website: Sweet Spot Style
Desha’s luxury San Miguel retreat meant for creative women entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their LifeSTYLE + their biz
Desha’s ecourse ecourse


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