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Vintage Pieces in Your Home Staging Plus Other Stories with Texas Home Stager Karen Otto

Vintage Pieces in Your Home Staging Plus Other Stories with Texas Home Stager Karen Otto


Hey guys, welcome back! If this is the first episode that you are listening to, the Home Staging Show is all about learning how to create a beautiful home, whether it is for selling or for living. On today’s episode, I interview a veteran home stager and a leader in the home staging industry, Karen Otto. She is the owner of Home Star Staging in Texas and she started her business around the same time I did.

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So I just love the way Karen mixes different colors and textures, as well as mixing in vintage pieces with her staging. She also uses materials and props in creative and unexpected ways, which we will talk about on the show today. We also chatted about business a little bit. I know sometimes, when home stagers get together, we can’t help it but chat business. But I think it is also important for you guys, even if you are homeowners who have no interests in ever owning a home staging business to hear the behind the scene stuff since then that gives you a better understanding and perspectives on what to look for when you are hiring a home stager, or if you are a new stager wanting to build a better business. Because that is important too. Great staging is not enough, you also have to have a solid business that fuels your passion and serves your purposes, on top of that, you are providing a valuable service to others and helping them sell their homes. We also talk about the design process of pulling a home together, sourcing and shopping, and the importance of getting a great photographer.


Karen Otto’s love for all things “home” started when she was young and would rearrange her parent’s furniture when she got bored. She later found her niche in marketing and earned her degree at Florida International University in Miami, FL. In 2006 she cultivated her passion for “all things home and marketing” and channeled that energy into her company Home Star Staging, in Plano, TX. In that same year Karen earned her Accredited Staging Professional designation and is currently a RESA-Pro stager. In 2009 Karen became the Charter President of the RESA-Dallas Chapter served as the 2011-12 RESA-Texas State President and is currently the RESA’s Region 10 Vice President.

Karen’s passion has always been helping people and that translates whether working with clients, colleagues or peers within the industry. In 2008 her love for teaching and her expertise in home staging culminated in a Workforce Development Course she created for North Texas home sellers offered through Collin College in Plano, TX. The course is designed to help anyone understand the value and importance of staging a home for selling in any market. Karen believes an educated consumer is her best client.

An avid social networker, blogger, writer and speaker, Karen is a nationally recognized expert in the staging industry and is passionately committed to educating others about the power and benefits of home staging. Karen’s work, commentary, and writing has appeared on; HGTV’s “My First Sale”, FOX 4 Good Day Dallas!, the Dallas Morning News, North Dallas Gazette, “Do Your Own Home Staging” by Tina Parker, “Ready 2 Sell in 30 Days” by Karen Bernetti and Ann Anderson along with blog spots, Ezines and online publications around the globe.

Karen envisions herself as part of a contingent of home stagers around the country who are leading the way to make home staging an industry standard for every residential real estate transaction.









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