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How You Can Alienate Buyers & Tank Your Home Sale with Realtor Coco Gingrass [Season 3, Episode 10]

How You Can Alienate Buyers & Tank Your Home Sale with Realtor Coco Gingrass [Season 3, Episode 10]


On today’s show, I’m interviewing buyer’s agent Coco Gingrass. I think it’s important to bring a buyer’s agent on and listen to how buyers buy and go through the real estate process. Because as sellers, it’s important to understand how buyers think. Coco is extremely knowledgeable about her market and helping buyers finding the right home. She’s also internet savvy, which is a great help when it comes to listing her client’s homes.

Here is the video that was mentioned on the show in the intro (if the video is not working, click here for the original article):

What We Discussed on the Show Today

  • What real estate agents do
  • The importance of networking in real estate industry
  • Why it’s important to have a real estate agent
  • Risk of FSBO (For Sale by Owner)
  • What additional advantages that you can tap into real estate agents vs. selling the home yourself
  • Local market in the Milwaukee areas
  • How to work with buyers and how to help them find their dream homes
  • Working with first time home buyers
  • How to work with buyers who may not really know what they want
  • The process of buyers purchasing the homes
  • How technology affects today’s real estate purchase
  • How many homes buyers typically see 
  • How technology has changed buyer’s buying behaviors 
  • Why professional real estate photography is crucial for today’s listings
  • It only takes ___ seconds for a buyers to lose interest in the home
  • How can a home stands out for buyers
  • How today’s buyers find the homes they want to buy
  • How online photos can impact your sales
  • How real estate agents find buyers
  • Zillow’s impact in real estate
  • What today’s buyers are looking for
  • Kitchen & bath remodels’ ROI for first time home buyers
  • What are the areas the sellers should pay attention to when putting their home on the market
  • Common things that can distract buyers
  • How you can lose buyers immediately
  • How turn key your house needs to be when it goes on the market
  • Paint colors that work well for selling real estate
  • How to eliminate distractions, and distractions are what deter buyers
  • Home decor trends today
  • How to appeal to buyers
  • Some simple & effective ways for sellers to add more values to their home
  • You only get ___% of ROI back on remodels when you sell your home
  • Why white & light grays work very well
  • How technology impact the real estate buying process
  • Price needs to meet the value
  • How rooms can feel smaller and how you can change it to make it more appealing to buyers
  • What makes buyers become dis-interest in a home immediately 
  • How to get buyers into the property
  • How to do listing photos right for buyers
  • How technology affects working with sellers
  • How Zestimate works
  • How Coco stages her listings
  • The benefits of home staging and how it helps buyers to visualize the space to determine if that home’s really what they’re looking for
  • If the sellers are strapped for budget, here are the things they should really do
  • Common mistakes sellers make 
  • Triggers that make buyers buy
  • Small changes to kitchen or baths instead of a full remodel that can make a world a difference
  • DIY vs. hiring professionals
  • The #1 reason home doesn’t sell
  • What makes a home overpriced
  • Why you shouldn’t be the nicest house on the block
  • The life of a real estate agent

About Coco

As a real estate agent in southeastern Wisconsin I was looking for a way to connect with buyers and sellers beyond the traditional methods and therefore created my blog Our Humble ABoden. On my blog I share tips and tricks to staging and organizing your home and my current redecorating projects, as well as ways to get your home ready to sell.

As a real estate agent, I specialize in working with first-time home buyers. This gives me an advantage when I list homes because I am able to stage the property in a way that will appeal to these buyers and pass the “first showing” that occurs online.

Connect with Coco

Her website:



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