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How to Stage Homes, Train Assistants & Shop Inventory with Top Home Stager Anthea Click | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 1

How to Stage Homes, Train Assistants & Shop Inventory with Top Home Stager Anthea Click | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 1

How to Stage Homes, Train Assistants & Shop Inventory with Top Home Stager Anthea Click | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 1

About Today’s Show & About Anthea

Anthea Click of FP Staging

Anthea Click of FP Staging

Hey guys, welcome back to a new season of The Home Staging Show! I am so excited to be back for another season and thank you for those who had taken the time and write reviews on iTunes! It will really help us to get more amazing guests especially when I have to make cold pitches. A lot of it does feel like vanity numbers sometimes, but people do look at the number of followers and decide if they want to be on the show. So we need all the help you can give to grow! You can also follow us on Instagram, it’s


The 4 effective strategies that will improve your staging techniques & win clients today

Tuesday, May 21 | 12pm PST | SIGN UP HERE

AND… We have a free training next week on how to step up your home staging game. I took the most commonly asked questions about home staging and interior styling and broke them down into 4 strategies. I am going to be sharing these 4 strategies on the free online training next week, so you can improve your home staging skills and win more clients. We are going to talk about:

  1. The number 1 mindset block that sets you back and knocks down your confidence as a home stager

  2. How to develop that trained eye to keep your staging looking sharp, on point and on trend

  3. How to refine you staging work so you can do the next level fun thing, like using bold colors or going after the luxury market

  4. How to figure out furniture, art, accessories placement in the room every time

When you sign up, I will also send you a FREE TIP SHEET on my top 10 favorite home staging accessories and some sourcing tips. I will also be giving away something huge on the free training. So be sure to check that out.

You can go to to sign up right now. The free training will be next Tuesday, 12pm PST. If you cannot make it, there will be a replay until Friday.

Today, on the show, I am SO SO SO excited to have Anthea back. She is a total rockstar as you can tell from last season’s episode. On the podcast today, we delved in deeper on her home staging business, on how she buys inventory, the costs of inventory, pricing and where to buy. We also talked about how she trains her stagers, how she learned how to stage and style interiors, plus her tricks on improving her home staging skills.

For those of you who is not familiar with Anthea Click, she is a luxury home stager based out of Nashville. She is also voted as one of the top 100 most influential people in home staging. After several years as a real estate agent, Anthea Click realized the need for staging in her local market. It was over 10 years ago when Anthea and her husband, Cory, started FP Staging and Design in Nashville, TN. With nothing more than an idea, a willingness to work, and the guts to go for it, together they have built the company from their garage to a 14,000 sq ft facility with multiple streams of income. Through her experience with the ups and downs of being a small business owner Anthea has a passion to give back to the home staging industry by helping others obtain their own success. 

On today’s show, here are some of the stuff we discussed:

  • Hey Anthea, thanks for coming back for another episode! Round TWO!! On the episode from last season, we talked a lot about appealing to buyers’ lifestyles and inventory. So when you are shopping for inventory, do you have a signature look? How do you know what to buy and what quantity to buy?

  • I think one of the challenges we have with carrying inventory is cost of acquiring inventory, maintaining it, storing it and moving it. And these costs are pretty invisible to our clients. Can you share a little bit about how long usually does it take you to recover costs on a piece of inventory, like a sofa, for staging?

  • What kind of training does your in-house stagers go through?

  • Do you price out each thing individually or do you offer a rental package for the clients?

  • I think one of the most difficult things for newer stager is gauging inventory and when to expand their inventory. How do you deal with sudden boom in projects? Because that means that you will have to buy more to meet the demand of your workload.

  • In your opinion, when should a stager start buying wholesale?

  • Do you still buy things retail?

  • What are the best places to buy wholesale artwork?

  • What does a typical staging look like for you? Can you walk us through a typical staging job of yours?

  • Obviously different price points warrants different levels of inventory, so how do you price that with different types of projects?

  • During your process of building inventory, are there things you wish you would’ve done differently?

  • In your experience, what makes a successful staging?

  • What would be your number one tip for someone who is thinking about starting a home staging career?

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